Drew Brees: I'm impressed with Shockey

The Saints' trade for Jeremy Shockey didn't quite pan out in 2008, what with Shockey's failure to score a single touchdown and an assortment of injuries (sports hernia and ankle) that knocked him out of action for four games.

But Shockey already has two touchdowns after just one game. Ok, so it was against the Lions, but they count just the same.

Saints QB Drew Brees, who got on Shockey a few times last year for running some bad routes, had nothing but praise for the 29-year-old tight end. Said Brees during an interview with790 The Zone in Atlanta: 

"I have really been impressied with Shockey and the way he has worked this off-season. Really, the big difference between this year and last year with him is that we've had time together. Last year, let's not forget that we signed him the first day of training camp with the trade with the Giants. We acquired him coming off the broken leg. He practices for four days, and then he has the groin issues, and the sports hernia and ankle injury during the season. It was just one of those things where we never had enough time together to kind of fill that rapport and get on the same page on the field. Then you come in this year and get two (TDs) right off the bat. I'm glad we brokered the deal. Hopefully there are many more (TDs) to come. I think he has a great future here in New Orleans."

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