Tyrone Moss

Tyrone Moss tells television station he didn’t take $1,000 from Nevin Shapiro

Former UM running back Tyrone Moss, who is quoted in a Yahoo! Sports story admitting he accepted $1,000 from rogue booster Nevin Shapiro is now denying he was given any money.

Moss was interviewed by Channel 10 in Miami and made these remarks:

“I wanted to clear the air and let everyone know I’ve never received 1,000 dollars from Nevin Shapiro. Nor have I ever been on his boat or anything like that. Someone has taken my name and tried to destroy my name. I have always been loyal to Miami. Miami is a great place. Miami has been good to my family and good to me. I had some of my best years at the University of Miami. I just wanted to clear the air and make a statement that I have never taken any money or been on any boat like that. For something like this to happen is just crazy.

“I don’t care how it was quoted, I don’t care how it was written or I don’t care how it was said. But just to let everyone know, I have never been involved with Nevin. I have no ties to Nevin. I have never taken any money from him, and I have never been on that guy’s boat. I just wanted to clear the air, because a lot of people around here are saying this, saying that. What did you say, what did you talk about? I haven’t talked to anybody. I have not had direct contact with anybody. I’m tired of the rumors and things like that. The last few days have been crazy around here for me. I just wanted to clear the air and let everyone know I Iove Miami. I went to school there and had four great years there. I would never bash Miami in any type of way or talk negative about Miami. Basically, he (Shapiro) wants attention. That’s all.”

Yahoo! Sports stands by its story and said there are audio recordings of Moss making his admission.

“I don’t have any ill feelings toward Tyrone Moss,” said Yahoo writer Charles Robinson on his Twitter account. “But I don’t know why he would lie about an interview he knows we can prove happened.”

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