Quadtrine Hill Wins His 3rd Fight

Steve Kim tweeted last night from a Irvine where he attended both boxing and MMA fights. According to his twitter account:

In the best bout of the night, former Cane Quad Hill rumbled with a big Mexican guy to win a 4-rd decision. Al Golden gives him a game ballabout 8 hours ago

Its all about the Q! Quadtrine Hill wins for the 3rd time as a pro boxer #canes plixi.com/p/63442689about 8 hours ago

Here is a photo of Quadtrine after his victory.

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Joe Joseph Signed to Another Practice Squad

The Washington Redskins announced the signing of DL Jeremy Clark to the 53-man roster; rookie DL Joe Joseph to the practice squad. Joseph had just been released from the New York Giants practice squad.

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Heated Matchup between two proCanes looms in Week 15

New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey ranks third on the team in catches (37) and touchdowns (three) and fifth in yards (371). Limiting the former University of Miami standout could fall to another Hurricanes alum in Ravens linebacker Tavares Gooden, who smiled when asked about the potential matchup.

“I remember Jeremy, and he was a ‘Cane,” Gooden said. “It’s always good to play against a ‘Cane, and it’s going to be Greentree football. Greentree is what we called the practice field out there [at Miami]. We love to compete out there. We played against [Tampa Bay Buccaneers and former Hurricanes tight end] Kellen [Winslow] and some of the other guys who play like Jeremy. So we can’t wait to see him. That’s what we do on defense. We love playing against the best. You don’t want to play against someone sorry. That’s nothing to brag on. So we’re looking forward to seeing Mr. Shockey, and hopefully, we get the best.”

At 6-foot-5 and 251 pounds, Shockey is a matchup nightmare for many opponents because of his strength and his speed. Gooden, who is no slouch at 6-1 and 242 pounds, didn’t shy away from the challenge.

“We want dictate to people what they can do,” Gooden said. “It’s not about looking at them and saying how to stop somebody or how to do this. They’ve got to watch the tape and figure out what we’re going to do. That’s the name of the game, and that’s what we’re doing defensively. It’s not about trying to stop somebody. If you do that, you put too much pressure on yourself and then you make mistakes. We want to feel what we’re going to do to them. That’s what we’re going to do.”

Shockey has a knack for exchanging verbal barbs with opponents and getting inside their helmets. That didn’t bother Gooden.

“What school do you think I went to? I’m going to talk back to him,” he said. “If he talks to me, I’m going to talk back to him. I do the same thing, I like to get up in people’s heads. I’m not afraid of anybody in this league. Nothing against Jeremy. He went to the ‘U,’ and he’s my boy, and we’re brothers for life. But at the same time, if you’re that weak to let somebody get into your head, you shouldn’t be in the league. If there’s going to be chatter, it’s going to be that. But it’s going to be a good game. It’s a brotherhood. There’s going to be competing going on, just like we did when we were in college.”

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Jonathan Vilma named to All-Fundamentals Team

USA Football, the sport's national governing body, and the NFL Players Association selected New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and safety Darren Sharper to their 2010 All-Fundamentals team.

The two were among 26 players - 11 on offense, 11 on defense and 4 on special teams - to make the team. Players are chosen for their ability to play well on the field and making a positive impact on their communities.

As part of the honor, each player will designate a youth or high school football program to receive a $1,500 equipment grant for USA Football.

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Antrel Rolle offers view on Sal Alosi tripping incident

On Sunday, Sal Alosi committed one of the more heinous acts in recent NFL memory, sticking his knee out and tripping Miami cornerback Nolan Carroll during a punt late in the third quarter.

What ensued was a team investigation launched by the Jets in cooperation with the NFL, resulting in Alosi's indefinite suspension from the team.

Carroll did not confront Alosi, and didn't even know it had happened until he was informed by reporters. When he was made aware of what happened, he seemed rather reserved, joking that he wanted part of the inevitable fine Alosi would receive.

But Giants safety Antrel Rolle said he would have done things a little differently.

"Well you know me, I would have taken it straight to the head. We would have definitely been throwing blows on the sideline," Rolle said. "I don't play that. I'm not a nasty player and I don't expect anyone to be nasty to me"

As far as the situation, Rolle said he found it funny -- just not for Alosi and the Jets.

"I know when I was in the Super Bowl, I was like, 'Dang, I should have just tripped (James) Harrison on the sideline,' but that's not something you actually go and do. For him to do that, I honestly don't know what to say about that."

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Antrel Rolle leads at position in Pro Bowl voting

The updated Pro Bowl voting is Giants-heavy, for both explainable and inexplicable reasons.

-- Rolle, who signed with the Giants during the offseason, leads all NFC free safeties with 131,136 votes. Green Bay's Nick Collins is second with 118,712. Rolle has been a standout for the Giants this season, including 71 tackles and strong coverage through most the season.

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Giants Waive Joe Joseph

The Giants made a change on their practice squad, waiving defensive tackle Joe Joseph and signing linebacker Kenny Ingram, who was on their practice squad for the final month of the 2009 season.

Ingram was waived by the Giants on July 30 and played this season for the Hartford Colonials in the United Football League.

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Vince Wilfork and teammates have fun getting wrapped at holiday party

Each year, when the Patriots Charitable Foundation throws its holiday party at Gillette Stadium, the highlight of the event is the “Wrap-A-Pat,” which is a game the kids in attendance play.

Working in teams, the children raced to wrap a duo of Patriot players in Christmas wrapping paper, bows and all.

This year, one team had to wrap tight end Rob Gronkowski and wide receiver Deion Branch. The other team was faced with the challenge of nose tackle Vince Wilfork (pictured right courtesy of Herald photographer John Wilcox) and punter Zoltan Mesko.

It was quite amusing watching the kids - the Pats hosted 250 children in need from Salvation Army and community centers throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island - try and get the wrapping paper around the 300-plus pound Wilfork. It was also funny watching the kids stretch to reach the 6-6 Gronkowski, then stoop for the 5-9 Branch. Talk about an odd giftwap.

”This is crazy,” said Branch, as the paper covered his face. ”I can’t breath. But I’m having fun.”

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Greg Olsen Teams Up with Supermodel

The Chicago Bears got whooped by the Patriots on Sunday..One day after, Bears Tight End got to bounce back when  he appeared at Chicago area Woodfield Mall with Victoria’s Secret supermodel Chanel Iman. The two were there to promote the new VS PINK National Football League Collection.

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Ravens running back Willis McGahee gets involved with PETA

Ravens running back Willis McGahee took part in the PETA anti-fur ad by posing nude and showing off his tattoos for the “Ink, Not Mink” campaign in Baltimore on Dec. 14.

McGahee stated that his involvement with PETA was to bring awareness about the cruelty to animals. Although not a vegetarian, McGahee does not wear fur, is an animal lover and grew up around dogs, especially his cousin's pit bulls.

When asked about the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal, McGahee said, “The thing about that is you have to forget about the past, it happened and it’s over. I'm sure he [Vick] is doing a lot of good things now including animal rights and has learned from his mistakes.”

While getting prepared for the naked photo shoot, McGahee said, “I’m very confident with my body, so there was no pressure."

This is not the only worthy cause that McGahee supports. In 2009 he won the Humanitarian of the Year Award for his charitable contributions. Also, McGahee has his own mentoring organization, CoachWillis.org. Today, Dec, 15 you can help make a kid's wish come true through his foundation by clicking here and enter wish list #30733944 or follow McGahee on twitter for more information.

Fellow NFL Player Chad Ochocinco also posed nude for a PETA ad and McGahee said he knows Chad Johnson personally (referring to Chad by his original last name). Since Chad was also a former contestant on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ McGahee was asked if he will also be on the hit TV show.

“I don’t know, you will have to ask my publicist. I can dance too,” he said.

He’s got my vote. How about you?

(Stay tuned for McGahee’s PETA ad due in the early New Year)

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Andre Johnson, Finnegan vow more football than fighting in rematch

Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan says fans should get their popcorn ready for his rematch with Texans receiver Andre Johnson, but not because he’s out for revenge.

“Retaliation is for the birds,” Finnegan said. “Regardless if I’m right or wrong, I’m going to apologize to get this off my heart.”

After fighting three weeks ago in the Texans’ 20-0 victory at Reliant Stadium, the NFL fined both players $25,000. Johnson has expressed deep regret over the situation and said he’ll observe better self-control even if Finnegan doesn’t follow through on his pregame apology.

“I know what type of player he is — he’s a feisty guy who plays very hard,” Johnson said. “If you look at other games he’s been in, he gets guys out of their games, and last time he got me out of mine.

“That’s just something that you, as a player, have to control, and I’ll do that on Sunday.”

Johnson and Finnegan have developed a bitter rivalry that has escalated over the years, but Finnegan carries the reputation of being an instigator. Texans tight end Owen Daniels called him “annoying,” and right tackle Eric Winston said he wouldn’t want him on his team because he’s a “dirty player.”

The league has fined Finnegan four times this season for separate altercations. But the veteran cornerback speculated Wednesday that he might be victim to a changing culture and how the NFL deals with physical players.

“I don’t want to cross any lines here,” Finnegan said. “I know the NFL is changing and I have to adapt. But as far as playing the way I play, I’m going to continue to do that.”

Regardless of how Finnegan sees his unorthodox style, Titans coach Jeff Fisher defended the way he plays.

“In my opinion, I don’t think Cort did anything to deserve to be suspended or ejected from that game,” Fisher said. “He plays with a short memory and he fights, scratches and claws every down. For the most part, he plays within the rules.”

But members of the Texans secondary disagree. Cornerback Glover Quin said Finnegan’s style reflects desperation and a means of survival against talented receivers. In seven games against Finnegan over the last four seasons, Johnson has dominated, averaging 90.7 yards per game, catching 45 passes and scoring six touchdowns.

“He’s such a great receiver,” Finnegan said. “I’m just thrilled for the opportunity to get to match up against him again.”

Finnegan likes to jam receivers at the line, and he precipitated the brawl by hitting Johnson in the face instead of the chest. Though Finnegan said he would try not to do it on Sunday, Johnson is prepared to shrug it off this time around.

“That’s part of the game, so if he does it, he does it,” Johnson said. “I’m just going to play football.”

Texans coach Gary Kubiak went a step further by saying that the physical play is what makes both Johnson and Finnegan Pro Bowlers, as they represented the AFC together two seasons ago. Despite the fact that their rematch has been a hot topic since they were escorted off the field three weeks ago, Johnson is ready to put the drama behind him. And even if Finnegan employs his nagging playing style, Johnson vows to keep his cool.

“I’ll probably just laugh it off,” Johnson said. “I’m not going out on the field trying to start a fight or anything like that.”

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John Salmons dealing with back spasms

John Salmons is suffering from back spasms and did not play in Wednesday's game against the Spurs.
We have no details on Salmons' injury yet. He is coming off a game on Monday where he played 31 minutes and scored five points. Keyon Dooling started in Salmons’ place.

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Beason back at practice; questionable for Sunday

Panthers linebacker Jon Beason returned to practice on a limited basis Friday after sitting out the previous two days with an injured knee.Beason, who is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against Atlanta, has been bothered by swelling in his knee for much of the season.Asked Monday which knee was troubling him, Beason said: “Tell Atlanta both of them.”Beason, the Panthers’ leading tackler, shifted from weakside linebacker to his more natural spot in the middle near midseason after Dan Connor broke his hip.Panthers coach John Fox seemed optimistic that Beason would play against the Falcons, saying Beason was “progressing day to day.”

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Vernon Carey placed on injured reserve

Just talked to Vernon Carey at the Fins and Kids Holiday Toy Event, held at the Dolphins facility, and he was fairly upbeat about his future while disappointed about this latest development.

“Coach [Tony Sparano] made the decision,” Carey said. “It’s probably best for me too. My knee is having some problems. They think putting me on the shelf for the rest of the season is the best thing, and I agree with them.”

Carey said “hopefully not” when asked if this knee issue would require major surgery, but he also shared the info that this was technically his “good knee” that was further “inflamed” late in the first half against the Browns. The bad knee is one that has plagued him since early in training camp, but Carey was willing and able to play through it.

As for being out, Carey termed that “very weird.”

“This past weekend, I was sitting there watching the game with my wife and my wife was looking at me all crazy and stuff,” he said. “I was a little bothered by it. Not at the coaches, just saying not being there for my team, not being there for my players and not being on that field when it’s time to play the game. You miss it a lot more when it’s kind of taken from you. I’ll get ready, get my knee back right and get ready for next season.”

The charity event featured more than 15 Dolphins players and Jeanette Sparano, the coach’s wife, handing out more than $30,000 in holiday toys to more than 175 area kids. The players and coaches raised the money themselves for the gifts.  

That knee injury Vernon Carey aggravated against the Browns — it has been bothering him all year — was serious enough to end his season.
Carey has been placed on injured reserve, the Miami Dolphins announced Tuesday, leaving second-year man Lydon Murtha (and possibly rookie John Jerry) to fill Carey’s spot at right tackle.

Carey was inactive for Sunday’s 10-6 win at the Jets, ending his steak of 104 consecutive regular-season games and 87 consecutive regular-season starts. Only seven Dolphins have had longer streaks of games played, and Carey is tied with former Dolphins safety Dick Anderson for seventh in consecutive starts.

Before Sunday, Carey hadn’t missed a game since his rookie season of 2004, the year the Dolphins drafted him in the first round out of the University of Miami.

Murtha, a Nebraska product and former Lions seventh-rounder, made his first NFL start in Carey’s place and had his share of struggles while playing all 59 offensive snaps. At one point in the third quarter, Murtha gave up a sack and was flagged for holding (which was declined) in a three-play span.

Pro Football Focus rated Murtha’s play below average, particularly in run blocking. He also allowed two quarterback pressures.

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Devin Hester continues to generate explosive plays

LAKE FOREST, Ill. – The Bears struggled mightily in virtually all areas in Sunday’s blowout loss to the New England Patriots at Soldier Field, but there was one notable exception.

As they’ve done all season, Devin Hester and Danieal Manning once again provided explosive plays on special teams. Hester’s 61-yard kickoff return to the New England 35 set up the Bears’ only touchdown, while Manning averaged 31 yards on four kickoff returns with a long of 40 yards.

“Danieal and Devin have been outstanding on kick returns,” said special teams coordinator Dave Toub. “I’m not sure if they’re competing against each other. But it seems like each time a guy gets in there, they continue to better themselves, which in turn helps our team. We had some good returns in the last game.”

Hester has reverted this year to the All-Pro form he displayed in his first two NFL seasons. He set a league record with five kick return touchdowns as a rookie in 2006 and then eclipsed the mark with six in 2007. With two TD returns this season—both on punts—Hester has tied the all-time NFL record with 13.

“It’s scary every time Devin touches the ball,” Toub said. “It’s the old Devin. What we’re trying to do is just get him in situations where he can get the ball in his hands.”

Hester ranks second in the NFL in punt returns with a 15.1-yard average and would be leading the league in kickoff returns with his 30.8-yard average, but he doesn’t have enough returns to qualify.

Manning (4), Hester (3) and Knox (1) have combined for eight kickoff returns of 40 yards or more this season, giving the Bears the most in the NFL. Seattle is second with seven, all by Leon Washington.

With Knox playing virtually every snap on offense—he’s leading the Bears in receiving with 45 catches for 790 yards—Hester and Manning have been splitting the kickoff return duties.

“Once the game is going, we go with the hot hand,” Toub said. “Also, we’ll see if Danieal is fresh or not. Sometimes Danieal is due to go, but they’ve had a long drive on defense and he’s tired, so we go to Devin. Sometimes we’ll start a game with a particular returner just because of the game plan situation.

“We want to see sometimes how they’re going to react to Danieal or react to Devin, so we’ll start with different guys. We don’t want to get into a specific pattern where we do the same thing over and over.”

Hester and Manning have both benefited from excellent blocking this season. Teammates who’ve contributed on the return teams include Zack Bowman, Kellen Davis, Rashied Davis, Corey Graham, Brian Iwuh, Nick Roach, Rod Wilson and Garrett Wolfe.

“We’re fortunate we have the same guys back there,” Toub said. “They’ve been working together for a long time. It’s like an offensive play. Everybody’s got to be on the same page. If one guy doesn’t do his job, it doesn’t work.”

As the Bears prepare for Monday night’s game in Minnesota, they’re hoping to repeat the success they had in a 27-13 win over the Vikings Nov. 14 at Soldier Field.

In that contest, Hester had kickoff returns of 68 and 32 yards as well as a 42-yard punt return that nearly equaled the return yardage the Vikings had yielded (a league-best 45 yards on 36 punts) in their first eight games of the season.

“We were fortunate we had a good day,” Toub said. “It doesn’t always happen like that. A lot of things have to happen right when you’re playing a good coverage unit. We’ll have our hands full Monday.”

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proCanes Stats From Week 14 of the 2010 NFL U Season

Andre Johnson (Texans): 9 catches 140 yards, 2 TDs

Darryl Sharpton (Texans): 6 tackles, 3 solo tackles, 1 tackle for loss

Vince Wilfork (Patriots): Played but did not record any stats

Brandon Meriweather (Patriots): 1 solo tackle, 1 pass deflection, 1 INT

Jeremy Shockey (Saints): 4 catches 29 yards

Jonathan Vilma (Saints): 8 tackles, 7 solo tackles, 1 sack, 1 tackle for loss

Santana Moss (Redskins): 7 catches 82 yards, 1 TD

Clinton Portis (Redskins): DID NOT PLAY, placed on IR

Rocky McIntosh (Redskins): 8 tackles, 4 solo tackles

Calais Campbell (Cardinals): 2 solo tackles, 1 tackle for loss

Antrel Rolle (Giants): 5 solo tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 1 pass deflection

Kelly Jennings (Seahawks): 2 solo tackles

Frank Gore (49ers): DID NOT PLAY, Injured Hip, placed on IR

Kellen Winslow (Buccanneers): 2 catches for 52 yards, 1 TD

Roscoe Parrish (Bills): DID NOT PLAY, Injured wrist, placed on IR

Greg Olsen (Bears): 1 catch 6 yards

Devin Hester (Bears): 2 catches , 17 yards, 1 punt return for 17 yards, 2 kick returns for 74 yards.

Willis McGahee (Ravens): 4 carries, 7 yards 1 TD

Ray Lewis (Ravens): 9 tackles, 2 solo tackles

Ed Reed (Ravens): 7 tackles, 5 solo tackles, 1 pass deflection

Tavares Gooden (Ravens): 2 solo tackles, 1 tackle for loss

DJ Williams (Broncos): 8 tackles, 6 solo tackles, 1 pass deflection, i fumble recovery

Sinorice Moss (Giants): DID NOT PLAY on IR Will miss the entire 2010 Season

Bruce Johnson (Giants): Underwent arthroscopic knee surgery, placed on IR

Kenny Phillips (Giants): 1 solo tackle

Reggie Wayne (Colts): 14 catches, 200 yards, 1 TD

Jon Beason (Panthers): 8 solo tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 2 pass deflections

Phillip Buchanon (Redskins): 4 solo tackles, 1, solo tackle, 2 pass deflections

Antonio Dixon (Eagles): 3 tackles, 2 solo tackles

Sam Shields (Packers): 6 solo tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 2 kickoff returns for 47 yards

Jimmy Graham (Saints): 1 catch, 21 yards

Leon Williams (Cowboys): 1 solo tackle

Spencer Adkins (Falcons): 1 solo tackle

Javarris James (Colts): 6 carries for 18 yards, 2 TDs

Damione Lewis (Texans): 4 tackles, 2 solo tackles


Eric Winston (Texans): Offensive Lineman, did not record any stats.

Rashad Butler (Texans): Offensive Lineman, did not record any stats.

Bryant McKinnie (Vikings): Offensive Lineman, did not record any stats.

Chris Myers (Texans): Offensive Lineman, did not record any stats.

Vernon Carey (Dolphins): Offensive Lineman, did not record any stats.

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Andre Johnson has huge game for Texans

Andre Johnson caught nine passes for 140 yards with two touchdowns in Monday night's overtime loss to the Ravens.

Johnson's ankle was a minor issue as it is every week. He hobbles around, misses a couple snaps, and then lights up defenses. Johnson routinely got behind the Ravens defense and somehow found himself wide open in the back of the end zone to pull the Texans within two points at the end of regulation. With 289 yards in his last two games, the game's best wideout is peaking at the right time.

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DJ Williams fuels Broncos

Denver LB D.J. Williams registered a team-high eight tackles in the Broncos' 43-13 loss at Arizona in Week 14. Williams has now recorded at least eight tackles in his last three games.

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Snuggies still not manly when Ray Lewis wears them

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis has recently branched out into the fashion industry with his own apparel company, RL52 Style.

According to a mission statement on the website, RL52 Style "brings all of Ray Lewis’ passion, style and zest for life to a line of clothes that has been inspired by the legendary football stars’ career and his unshakable faith in philanthropy through the Ray Lewis Foundation. A leader of men and a powerful influence on and dedication to young people, Ray brings to life his vision of personal style in a branded apparel line."

And that vision includes Snuggies.

For $45 fans can purchase the "sleeved blanket" at the right (the ability to pull this look off in public because you're one of the most feared linebackers in NFL history not included).

If you own one of these bad boys, please send a picture to matt@bthesite.com.

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D.J. Williams due in court Jan. 18

DENVER -- Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams waived an advisement hearing on a charge of driving under the influence and will appear in court next month.

Williams had been scheduled to be in court in Denver on Monday for the hearing but district attorney's spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough said Williams' attorney waived his right to be advised of the charge.

A judge set a hearing for Jan. 18 during which Williams is expected to enter a plea.

Williams was arrested early on Nov. 12 after police stopped him for driving without headlights.

The Broncos' leading tackler was stripped of his captaincy for the season and fined an undisclosed amount by the team. He faces a multi-game suspension from the league next season because this was his second such arrest.

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Greg Olsen: We're in position to reach goal

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Although the loss to the New England Patriots was ugly, the Chicago Bears' season is far from being over.

"Believe it or not, this week we can wrap this whole thing up, which, at the beginning of the season, as our ultimate goal," Bears tight end Greg Olsen said. "For as bad as things looked [Sunday], we’re fortunate that we’re in a position to achieve everything that we wanted.

"Once you make the playoffs, it’s a clean slate. We have our future in our hands here, going forward. We have a huge division game, national TV, Monday night, a chance to kind of redeem ourselves from [Sunday's] poor performance. We have everything in front of us, and we just have to take care of business."

The formula is simple: The Bears can clinch the NFC North if the Packers lose on the road to New England and the Bears beat Minnesota. Even if Green Bay somehow pulls off the upset of the Patriots, the Bears can still clinch the division tie-breaker over the Packers if they knock off the Vikings.

"Maybe a week from [Monday], we’ll be celebrate being NFC North champs," Olsen said. "We’ll see."

The NFL determines playoff tie-breakers in the following order:

1. Head-to-head
2. Division record
3. Record in common games
4. Conference record
5. Strength of victory
6. Strength of schedule
7. Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed
8. Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed
9. Best net points in common games
10. Best net points in all games
11. Best net touchdowns in all games
12. Coin toss

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Hurricanes to Honor Tamara James

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - University of Miami Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt and head women's basketball coach Katie Meier have announced that former Hurricane great Tamara James will have her No. 2 jersey honored prior to the Miami's game against Morgan State on Dec. 30.

The honored jersey will be just the third women's jersey to hang from the rafters at the BankUnited Center - joining UM greats Maria Rivera (1984-88) and Frances Savage (1988-92).

"I am thrilled for Tamara," said Meier. "I have been waiting for this moment to recognize all that she did for the University of Miami. This is a great time to celebrate a local young lady that chose to stay at home and change the face of the University of Miami basketball program."

The selection of honored jersey recipients is determined by the Director of Athletics and the head basketball coach, in conjunction with an anonymous advisory committee. Criteria used in the selection process include athletic achievements at UM, commitment and loyalty to the continued success of the University and its athletic department and a personal commitment to courage and integrity.

James, the No. 8 overall pick by the Washington Mystics in 2006, was a 2005 and 2006 First Team All-ACC selection. She finished her UM playing career as the school's all-time leader in points (2,406), free throws made (520) and free throws attempted (664). She ranks among the top three all-time in nine different categories and is listed among the top five all-time in 13 different categories.

Meier added, "Tamara is a tremendous talent and competitor. My expectations are that all of South Florida will come out to celebrate this incredible young woman who did so much in representing the basketball program and the University."

James will be honored between the UM men's game against Pepperdine at 6 p.m. and the women's game that will start approximately 30 minutes later.

Tickets can be purchased in advance on HurricaneSports.com or by calling 1-800-GO CANES. The University announced that fans can purchase a discounted $5 ticket and receive admission for both games.

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proCanes Extend TD Streak to 136 Regular Season Weeks

Did you know that a former Miami Hurricane/current proCane has scored at least one touchdown in 136 consecutive regular season NFL weeks? Dating back to Week 15 of the 2002 season where Clinton Portis scored 4 TDs, at least one proCane has scored a TD in each regular season week since then. We have chronicled every touchdown since 2002. See below:

Week 14 2010:
Javarris James - 1 TD - Indianapolis Colts
Kellen Winslow - 1 TD - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Santana Moss - 1 TD - Washington Redskins
Andre Johnson - 2 TDs - Houston Texans
Willis McGahee - 1 TD - Baltimore Ravens

Week 13 2010:
Reggie Wayne - 1 TD - Indianapolis Colts
Javarris James - 2 TDs - Indianapolis Colts

Week 12 2010:
Andre Johnson - 1 TD - Houston Texans
Greg Olsen - 1 TD - Chicago Bears
Kellen Winslow - 1 TD - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 11 2010:
Santana Moss - 1 TD - Washington Redskins
Ray Lewis - 1 TD - Baltimore Ravens
Reggie Wayne - 1 TD - Indianapolis Colts

Week 10 2010:
Javarris James - 1 TD - Indianapolis Colts
Greg Olsen - 1 TD - Chicago Bears
Devin Hester - 1 TD - Chicago Bears
Andre Johnson - 1 TD - Houston Texans
Frank Gore - 1 TD - San Francisco 49ers
Kellen Winslow - 1 TD - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (first TD of the season)

Week 9 2010:
Willis McGahee - 1 TD - Baltimore Ravens
Jeremy Shockey - 1 TD - New Orleans Saints
Javarris James - 2 TDs - Indianapolis Colts (first career TD)
Jimmy Graham - 1 TD - New Orleans Saints (first career TD)
Greg Olsen - 1 TD - Chicago Bears
Roscoe Parrish - 1 TD - Buffalo Bills

Week 8 2010:
Frank Gore - 1 TD - San Francisco 49ers
Andre Johnson - 1 TD - Houston Texans
Reggie Wayne - 1 TD - Indianapolis Colts

Week 7 2010:
Willis McGahee - 1 TD - Baltimore Ravens
Santana Moss - 1 TD - Washington Redskins

Week 6 2010:
Devin Hester - 1 TD - Chicago Bears
Andre Johnson - 1 TD - Houston Texans

Week 5 2010:
Willis McGahee - 1 TD - Baltimore Ravens
Jeremy Shockey - 1 TD - New Orleans Saints
Frank Gore - 1 TD - San Francisco 49ers

Week 4 2010:
Willis McGahee - 1 TD - Baltimore Ravens

Week 3 2010:
Jeremy Shockey - 1 TD - New Orleans Saints
Santana Moss - 1 TD - Washington Redskins
Greg Olsen - 1 TD - Chicago Bears
Devin Hester - 1 TD - Chicago Bears

Week 2 2010:
Greg Olsen - 1 TD - Chicago Bears
Devin Hester - 1 TD - Chicago Bears
Clinton Portis - 2 TDs - Washingon Redskins
Andre Johnson - 1 TD - Houston Texans
Reggie Wayne - 1 TD - Indianapolis Colts
Frank Gore - 1 TD - San Francisco 49ers

Week 1 2010:
Reggie Wayne - 1 TD - Indianapolis Colts
Roscoe Parrish - 1 TD - Buffalo Bills
Willis McGahee - 1 TD - Baltimore Ravens

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Harbaugh: Andre Johnson is a 'top-notch threat'

On Monday night, the Ravens will have their hands full with Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson, who for my money -- I'm a journalist, so there isn't much of it -- is the best receiver in the NFL (with due respect to guys like Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne and Roddy White).

The 29-year-old receiver is fourth in the league with 1,018 receiving yards and he has five touchdown catches in 2010 despite playing through an ankle injury for much of the season.

Also, Johnson leads the league in punches landed on Cortland Finnegan.

“It doesn’t look like he’s playing on a bad ankle to me, and he’s very effective," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. "He’s just a premiere, elite wide receiver in this league -- size, speed, hands, tough, he’ll block you. High-character guy. ... He’s just a really top-notch threat.”

Ravens cornerback Chris Carr said he won't try to get under the skin of the 6-foot-3, 225-pound wideout like Finnegan, a cornerback for the Titans, did two weeks ago. Both players were ejected after their on-field brouhaha.

"No, I mean I just play my game. It doesn’t matter. If somebody gets mad, they get mad," Carr said. "I’m not Cortland that likes to talk and hit people after the play. That’s not my game, and I’ve heard [Johnson’s] not that type of player as well. He just wants to go out there and play."

But hey, getting Johnson ejected Monday is one way to remove him from the game plan, right?

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Dedrick Epps Signed To Dolphins Active Roster

The Miami Dolphins placed veteran wide receiver Brian Hartline on injured reserve with a hand injury and signed tight end Dedrick Epps off the practice squad to the active roster.

The rookie was drafted in the seventh round earlier this year by the San Diego Chargers with the 235th overall pick.

Epps attended the University of Miami where he recorded 49 receptions, 634 receiving yards, and six touchdowns.

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Jeremy Shockey Has Big Plans For Next May

Mix one part crazy, one part well-spoken, and one part world class athlete and what do you get? Jeremy Shockey. The New Orleans Saints tight end hasn’t been in the news as much this year. That’s partly a product of him being injured for much of this season, and partly the result of him staying out of trouble in and outside of the game. But he’s still an important weapon on the Saints offense when healthy, and should be a welcomed addition to Drew Brees as the Saints look to continue their winning streak and potentially make a run back to the Super Bowl.

Shockey joined 790 The Zone in Atlanta to talk about the 100-mile adventure race that he hopes to participate in next spring, his health heading into the home stretch of the regular season, how he’s more or less the same person as he was earlier in his career but a more devoted player to his craft, the unique experience of playing in New Orleans and winning a championship for a city that loves the Saints so much, and how he respects the Saints’ primary competition in the NFC South this year – the Atlanta Falcons.

On the 100-mile adventure race across Scotland that he aims to participate in next spring:
“No, no, it’s not a free for all. There are rules.  Scotland is like America, there are rules and laws. But I appreciate you guys having me on this morning. You can get more information on this 100-mile race on at thepursuitof1745.com. All the applications have to be in by the end of December, but the actual date of the event is May 15th. It should be fun, there’s ten teams from around the world. Last year the Netherlands won, Germany won it the year before. The United States has never won it, so I’m trying to get three other rebels and myself to help get this trophy to the United States.”

On his health heading into the home stretch:
“It’s better, a broken rib is no fun, so it’s a painful injury but I made it through the worst part and we won five straight games, so I can’t complain. I can’t complain.”

On if he thinks he’s different as a player and person from earlier on in his career:
“I’m still pretty much the same person as I was earlier in my career. I don’t have any kids, I’m not married, I take my job pretty seriously. I’m obviously playing for a different team, that’s the obvious part. Age – I’ve gotten older. I’m 30 years old, this is my ninth year, I came into the league when I was 21 years old, I didn’t really know the game. You’ve really got to be a student of the game and love what you do to be in the league this long. It’s hard, and each year it gets harder and harder, you don’t get younger as each year goes by.  And you don’t want to be one of those guys who the game passes you. So you’ve really got to be involved, and like I said earlier, you want to be the guy who gets frustrated he can’t play because he’s injured because that shows passion for the game. That’s 90 percent of the game – having passion and loving what you do.”

On winning a championship in New Orleans and the experience of bring the title back to a city that loves and supports the team so much:
“Yeah you know, people in New York, they’re a little spoiled. They’ve got the Yankees, they’ve got the Jets, the Giants,  Knicks they’ve got everyone. And there’s been championships that have come in and out of that city a lot, historically wise I’m saying. Historically, New Orleans has never won a championship and there have been some tough times in this area. It comes from bad politicians, to hurricanes to oil spills. So anytime you make them forget about the hurt and the bad times and put a smile on their face, it makes us feel good as people. Obviously being a part of the Saints is a great experience just to make people feel happy, and let them get through their day a little bit easier, you know?”

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Kellen Winslow totals 52 yards, TD in Week 14

Kellen Winslow caught two passes for 52 yards and the game-winning touchdown against the Redskins in Week 14.

With the Redskins dominating time of possession early, Winslow didn't record his first catch until the third quarter. He beat Rocky McIntosh down the seam for an impressive 41-yard catch-and-run with four minutes left to put the Bucs in the lead to stay. Winslow has now scored in three of his past five games, but he's still not being targeted enough for every-week comfort.

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Santana Moss: "I'm just getting tired of it"

With nine seconds remaining Sunday, veteran receiver Santana Moss had every right to believe he had scored the game-tying touchdown against Tampa Bay. The Redskins had pulled within a point, and all that remained was the extra point to tie.

What happened next has already been well-documented - long-snapper Nick Sundberg sent the snap a bit high, and punter Hunter Smith couldn't get it down. The Redskins lost, 17-16, and afterward Moss - in his sixth season with the team - made it clear how frustrated he is.

"It's your job to come out here and play this game of football," Moss said, occasionally halting in his speech. "When you're playing this game, you're playing this game to win. Somebody got to win; somebody got to lose. But when you're just losing, and you know that you had a chance to win - I ain't talking about the last play. I'm just talking about throughout the game, throughout the years, throughout the weeks, throughout this year.

"When you're losing and you ain't got no say-so why," and he paused for several seconds. "That's why it hurts. That's why I feel the way I feel, because I'm just getting tired of it. Everybody play for their own perspective and their own reasons, but I put too much in it, and it means too much."

In his time with the Redskins, Moss has enjoyed two winning seasons - both under Joe Gibbs. And he is familiar with a theme that permeates Washington's locker room: The talent is there, but they haven't put it together. Whether that is true or not, Moss is 31 years old, and he realizes chances for sustained success are being frittered away.

"That's the thing that hurts the most," Moss said. "Opportunities come and go. Whether you're young, whether you been here a couple years or whether you're old, most of the guys know in here that this opportunity won't always be around for this team as far as individuals, for these coaches, for anybody that's going through this. Week-in, week-out, you see people come and go, and year-in, year-out you see people come and go.

"When you keep getting opportunities, and you're saying like, 'Wow, we're blessed. We keep getting opportunities. But what's opportunities when you don't come through? You can't keep getting chances."

Moss pledged to keep working over the remaining three weeks of the season. But the pain in his voice was obvious.

"I've been wishing for so long to where I'm just going to keep on wishing," he said. "I just hope, man, something good come out of this, whether it's this year or down the road. I feel like we're too good right now as a team to settle for what we settle for week-in and week-out. True and all, we played a good team, and you got to tip your hat off to them.

"But it's a lot of games that I've seen us just lose the game, and this year been to me more than any year, but when it all adds up, it just don't make no sense. I just hope as a team we can just pull it through. We got three games left, and I mean, for sure I'm going to go out there and play my heart out every week, but something got to come out of this, you know?"

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Jeremy Shockey discusses playoff race, tattoos, dating

Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey joined the show to talk about his season and more. Here are some of his takes:

-- Shockey said they know how good the Falcons are, but they're not focusing on the NFC South race. "You can't look ahead because that will get you in trouble and you won't make the playoffs," Shockey said.

-- Shockey isn't happy about the state of his Miami Hurricane football program. "The past couple of years have not been Miami football," Shockey said.

Shockey was pretty clear about who he wanted to take over since they fired Randy Shannon. "I wish it was Jon Gruden, but it looks like he's a professional ball coach.

-- Shockey said he doesn't regret any of his tattoos. "Everything I have on my body is there on purpose," Shockey said. He said he didn't get his first tattoo until he was 25, so he made adult choices.

-- Dan asked which will come first -- another Super Bowl ring or a wedding ring. "Another Super Bowl ring," Shockey said. "I'm not currently dating anyone. I have no kids. This job is my life right now."

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