Paging Greg Olsen

Brian Urlacher’s season is over, but I’m asking, when does Greg Olsen’s season start?

Tommie Harris, same question.

Olsen caught one pass for eight yards in the opening night loss in Green Bay. Cutler threw his way six times. Fix this.

The offensive line frequently seemed to be in fire-drill mode against the Packers’ 3-4 defense, and even when the line wasn’t a mess, the quarterback already looked like a victim of Pavlov’s Happy Feet. So, if the Bears needed to get rid of the ball quickly, then the tight end should be the best option.

Didn’t happen. Can’t happen again.

The Packers put cornerback Charles Woodson on Olsen when he lined up right and bracketed Olsen with a linebacker and a safety when he lined up left. Presto, change-o, abra-ca-dabra, watch the supposed Pro Bowl tight end disappear.

Is it really that easy to take away one of Cutler’s two most important weapons? Olsen has to be better than that. Or are Cutler’s other options even worse at getting open than we first thought? I’ll hang up and listen for the excuses. . . .

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