Ed Reed 'taking it one year at a time'

Ravens safety Ed Reed cannot make any guarantees that his playing days will extend beyond this season.
Reed, 31, has been beset with neck and shoulder pain that have grown worse this season. He told the Baltimore Sun that while his play hasn't suffered "that much," he can't rule out having to sit out at some point this season.
Or that he'll want to continue playing after the season ends.

"Coming into this year, not knowing how my injury was, knowing I had more pain than I had in the past, I was taking it one year at a time," Reed told the Sun. "I was not going to come into the season worrying about it and not give my all.

"My main thing was, look, come into the season, give your all and see how it feels. ...  Assess it every week, every day, see how it's feeling. It's been holding up enough to where I can be effective."

Reed has two interceptions this season, down from his league-leading nine last year. But eight of Reed's picks last year came in the final six games. -- Sean Leahy

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