Cameron explains McGahee's decreased playing time

Ravens offensive Cam Cameron said there are “a lot of different circumstances” why Willis McGahee’s playing time has decreased. McGahee, who led the NFL with seven touchdowns in the first four weeks of the season, didn’t have one touch last Sunday at Cincinnati.

Said Cameron: “When you’re getting a lot of snaps, one back can’t carry the load. When you’re not getting a lot… If Ray were playing poorly, then obviously Willis would play more.”

Cameron said he hopes for McGahee to get a couple of series in the first half Monday night. The running back could enter the game if the Ravens have a long opening series or could come into the third series, which has been the team’s preferred rotation.

“So, it’s been a snap issue more than anything, and it’s been a Ray Rice level-of-play issue as well,” Cameron said. “We like all our backs, and the more snaps we have, the more they all are going to play.”

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