Belichick quite open about Colts’ Wayne

FOXBOROUGH - Patriots cornerback Jonathan Wilhite spent most of Sunday night sprinting and diving and doing anything he could to keep up with Colts receiver Reggie Wayne.

Wilhite was one of the busiest guys on the field as Peyton Manning found Wayne for catch after catch. Wayne led the Colts with 10 receptions for 126 yards and two touchdowns, but Patriots coach Bill Belichick attributed that more to the receiver’s talent than his second-year defensive back’s play.

“I mean, I can’t say enough about Reggie Wayne,’’ Belichick said. “That guy is the best receiver we cover every year and it seems like he just keeps getting better. I thought the routes he ran and the catches he made were nothing short of spectacular, with the go route, the two touchdown catches, the third-down conversion on the corner route in front of our bench. He’s a tremendous receiver and he had some production against us.’’
Wayne gained a step on Wilhite on both touchdown catches.

“I thought Wilhite played well and covered him well,’’ Belichick said. “There were some great throws and great catches.’’

Belichick added, “It would be hard to say much to Wilhite. He did about all he could do on a couple of those plays.’’

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