Williams looks to inspire T & T young female athletes

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad: Former World 100m champion Lauryn Williams says she is looking forward to share her experiences with the up and coming female athletes of Trinidad and Tobago.

Williams, who collected silver at the 2004 Olympics in Athens and the 2007 Worlds in Osaka will host a seminar for female athletes at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on Saturday (19th December) from 1:30 pm. She is hoping to “encourage the girls, that you can do anything.”

“The sky is the limit as far as you want to achieve. It is a matter of how hard you work (that) will determine how successful you will be. You will have barriers, like monetary, that prevent you from travelling. If you are working hard you will always find someone willing to open the door for you. People will recognize that you are willing and will give to you when once they know you have potential. So I am going to encourage them to stay on track, make sure they are out there exercising even though they are not going to be no Olympian or World Champion,” said Williams.

The 26 year old Nike-sponsored sprinter adds that she will be promoting sports for healthy living. “Sports is good for your health and teaches you life skills. If you participate in sports and continue to participate in them they will teach you things not only like how to win but how to be a good loser.”

Williams is in Trinidad with her 80 year old paternal grand-mother. They arrived in Trinidad on 14th December and will leave for the US on 21st December.