Ray Lewis & Wal-Mart Team Up For Holiday Giveaway

Not all families could afford turkeys and toys this year, so one of the Baltimore Ravens stepped in to help.

Mike Schuh reports Ray Lewis took time out from training to play Santa.

The turkeys arrived by the truckload, and the gifts were all lined up by age groups. Next, 200 families who are all in need, showed up for Ray Lewis' holiday giveaway.

Then, like a bow on a present, number 52 arrived to meet the families.

Wal-Mart donated the gifts and the food. Rev. Frank Reid coordinated the distribution.

"There's no joy like it. The sad thing is that there are so many in our city and throughout this nation who need help like this," said Rev. Frank Reid III of Bethel AME Church.

Ray Lewis donated his time and reminded us how fortunate many of us are.

"Baltimore, there is no greater reward than when I come out to my city. I know I make a lot of plays on the field, but my reward is found in your guys' heart," said Lewis.

It was a sigh of relief for those lucky enough be chosen to be here.

"This is a true blessing to our community," said Lella Blakney, who received gifts.

"It helps me out a lot because this year with the recession going on and things like that, family had to pay rent and bills and stuff like that. Therefore, this helped me out a lot," said LaToya Jefferies.

"It helps us out because it was real hard this year. And it is just nice that they gave us something nice, but it helped us out a lot," said Teesha Banks.

Families were hand chosen to participate in the event.

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