Portis still feeling effects of concussion

Top running back Clinton Portis still is experiencing problems five days after suffering a concussion in the Redskins' last game, stirring questions about whether he might sit out the remainder of the season.

Portis has been ruled out of Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos at FedEx Field. After facing the Broncos (6-2), the Redskins (2-6) have seven games remaining. Coach Jim Zorn has said the team would exercise caution with Portis, and having him return to the lineup this season simply might not be in his best interest.

"He came in today. He still has a little, I don't know, if it was like a ringing in his head," Zorn said. "He checked in with our trainers. We sent him back home to keep him docile, if you will. We'll get a better evaluation next week."

At the very least, Portis might need to sit out another few games while continuing to be monitored by team medical personnel. But with some form of ongoing ringing in his head, Portis clearly should not be anywhere near the dangerous environment of an NFL field on game days.

"I'm not an expert concussions, so I would not begin to even try to speculate on" what the ringing in his head means, Zorn said. "I just know that we just have to be really careful with trying to get a guy back ... These are pretty difficult things to deal with. We're going to try to do the right thing."

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