Vince Wilfork Stays Positive

Speaking in two forums yesterday, Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork hosted a live on-line chat on Comcast's website and also appeared as a guest on Mohegan Sun's Sports Tonight with Gary Tanguay and Michael Felger.

Discussing a range of topics from the proposed 18-game regular season, the status of Tom Brady's knee and the loss of Mike Vrabel, to the ever-present concern regarding his contract, Wilfork is content to stay positive and let things happen without getting too worked up about what he can't control.

What could possibly be out of this big man's control?  The proposed 18-game regular season and the "Tom Brady" rule, clarifying how a quarterback can be hit, are two issues Wilfork personally doesn't agree with, but knows will be addressed and dealt with as a team sooner or later.

From a defensive standpoint it's something crazy because here you are you got a free shot at the quarterback or anybody with the ball, and the first thing on your mind is you're going to make this tackle, you're going to knock this guy out.  But you can't think like that anymore.  It's about, okay, where can I hit him so that it's legal.  That's the first thing you're thinking about.  That changes you're whole mindset because with me being fined throughout my career, now it changes my whole mindset how I can attack.

Wilfork also weighs in on catching up with Patriots QB Tom Brady in Foxboro, "Tom looked like Tom to me.  He's a warrior," and talks about how the loss of Mike Vrabel will be felt throughout the whole locker room and on the field.  As far as the potential additions of Julius Peppers or Jason Taylor, Wilfork is all for it and would love to play with either of them.

Looking relaxed throughout his guest appearance, Wilfork wasn't even the least bit bothered by the questions regarding his contract.  He said it bothered him at first, but now knows the organization is indeed interested in him and he is content to let it all play out.  He's not hesitant about declaring that he wants to remain a New England Patriot from beginning to end and doesn't think he could go anywhere else and get the same love from his teammates or the fans.

That's good to hear, Vince.  Hope you're feeling the love for many years to come.