McDougle "excited" about joining New York Giants

I caught up with new Giants DE Jerome McDougle on his way out of the stadium today. He was running around to get settled, so I didn't want to hold him up too long with a ton of questions. Here's what he had to say during our brief interview.

(On joining the Giants) I'm real excited about the opportunity to play for the Super Bowl champs. It's a good deal coming up here and being a part of this top-class organization.

(On Steve Spagnuolo) It's good, man. Coming up here and playing with (Spagnuolo), we have a good relationship. He does some of the same things I've been doing in Philly with his own little spin on things, so it's good. He really gives his ends freedom and they go after it. That's what I'm looking forward to - getting on the field and making plays.

(On redemption and fulfilling his potential) I just want to play. I don't really like to do too much talking. I just want the opportunity to get out there and play. My play will speak for itself. I don't want to be a guy that does a lot of talking. I want to show I can play.

(On injuries and tough breaks he's had) I don't deal in what-ifs. And God doesn't make mistakes. I'm trusting in Him. Me, I'm just going out there to play.
Well, I guess I didn't have to hunt down McDougle after all because the Giants' crack PR staff did it for us. Here's a transcript they released two minutes after I posted this entry:

What are your thoughts about coming up the turnpike and being here? It is great. Defending Super Bowl champs... I look good in blue. I feel good to be here, staying in the division, so not really much of a difference as far as guys you are going against, and I just feel good to be here, to be wanted, and I am just looking forward to doing some good things on this defense. I like the defensive scheme, it is sort of the same kinds of things that I came from - a lot of movement - and we get after it.

Is it good that you have a relationship with Coach Spags? That is great, that is great. Coach Spags has done a good job here. He really gets after it and kind of put his own niche on kind of the defense that we were running there in Philly.It is good for me because there is a lot of movement, which allows for guys like me a chance to kind of move and get after the quarterback a little bit.

Are you happy with the way you played in the preseason? I did well. I wanted to continue to get better. I still have things I need to work on. Obviously it is going to be a different atmosphere for me, so I need to kind of get the terminology and get everything down. Football is football when it comes down to it so I am just looking forward to getting out here and mixing it up a little bit, just getting with my teammates. Kind of learn everybody, learn how I play, learn how everybody else plays, and start winning some games.

You are thrown into the fire getting here on Sunday with a Thursday night game? Yeah, that is how the league is, man. That is how the NFL is. There is a lot of change so you have to always be on your toes. That is a part of the game. You know you are going to have different things happen and you have to just adjust on the fly.

Were you surprised at all about your release in Philly? I knew it was a kind of 50/50 chance. I wasn't really worried about it. I knew either way it went I was going to be somewhere. Again, that is a part of the game, that is the kind of league we are in, so they moved on and I moved on and I am just going to make the best out of it.

Have you felt that as long as you could stay healthy your career would turn out well? I just have my trust in God. I am a Christian. I have a good relationship with Jesus Christ, or a great relationship with Jesus Christ, and I have just been trusting in God, trusting in His word and if I can just go out there and put it all on the line, I am positive that He will take care of me. That is what I have been holding on to.

Has it been frustrating at all for you? No. It hasn't been frustrating. As long as you can keep Jesus Christ in the equation, everything will come out good. Some guys wonder why people go crazy and start losing it, they don't have anything to believe in, they don't have anything to trust in. If you believe in God and you trust in Him, He will always deliver you.

You feel good now? I feel great. I feel great. I feel great. The defending Super Bowl champs, a top class organization. What else could you want?