Ryan Braun turns down the Bachelor

MILWAUKEE -- During our weekly one-on-one interview with Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun, I found out something very interesting -- at least for his lady fans out there.

I asked Braun if he would like to be either on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," or our network's other big hit "The Bachelor." And he told me that "The Bachelor" actually called him to be on the show. Braun the Bachelor. Has a nice ring to it, but unfortunately, he said thanks, but no thanks -- much to the dismay of female fans in Milwaukee and around the country.

Now, had Braun accepted the invite, he wouldn't have been the first professional athlete to be on the show. Former Giants quarterback, and current ESPN announcer, Jesse Palmer was "The Bachelor" a few seasons ago. Palmer picked a lady, but didn't propose to her and a few weeks later they broke up.

In fact, the show has a terrible track record of successful couples. To this day only one couple from all "The Bachelor" seasons is married. So maybe Braun made the right choice by not wanting to be on "The Bachelor." Plus, he's an attractive, rich, successful and talented 26-year-old guy who plays for the Brewers. So I don't think Braun needs a reality show to find love.

But then again, I'm in the TV business. And if Braun went on "The Bachelor," the ratings would be sky high -- especially in the Milwaukee area. So his decision to turn them down is bittersweet.

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