The U is the highest rated documentary in ESPN history

Bennie Blade, Evan Rosenfeld, Brian Blades and Tolbert Bain

K.C. Jones and Kevin Brinkworth

Tolbert Bain, Lamar Miller, Mike James, AJ Highsmith and Brian Blades

Brett Perriman, John Routh and Don Soldinger

Lamar Thomas

Brett Perriman and Randall “Thrill” Hill

Jared Campbell and Darryl Sharpton

Tolbert Bain, Kelvin Harris and Gerard Daphnis

Melvin Bratton

Melvin Bratton

Luther Campbell and Wife

Brian and Bennie Blades and Melvin Bratton

Billy Corben Director of “The U”

Kevin Brinkworth, Evan Rosenfeld, Melvin Bratton, Bennie Blades and Duane Starks

Brett Perriman

City of Miami Police Officer and Tolbert Bain

Melvin Bratton and Duane Starks

Bennie Blades

Duane Starks

Tolbert Bain and Brett Perriman

Melvin Bratton and Tolbert Bain

Bennie Blades, Tolbert Bain, Brett Perriman and Brian Blades

Lamar Thomas

Don Soldinger and Duane Starks

Billy Corben

Melvin Bratton

Melvin Bratton, Brian Blades and Brett Perriman

Don Bailey Junior

Lamar Miller, Mike James and AJ Highsmith

Kenny Holmes. Photo Courtesy of Bruce Palmer

Gino Torretta’s Heisman Trophy

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