Q and A with Jeremy Shockey at Saints Mini-Camp

Q: Can you talk about your first day at the minicamp?
A: Its good to be back and get some work in. We have a long ways to go. Its our first mandatory minicamp. Its good to be here.

Q: Can you discuss what happened in Las Vegas?
A: Not much. Im sure all of you read about it. If youre halfway intelligent you can read it.

Q: Was it overblown?
A: Yes, I think so. They say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Thats the past, were talking about the future.

Q: How comfortable are you with the offense now after having spent a year with Sean Payton in New York and last season here?
A: I havent been here a year, so I think I can tune up my game. The most important thing is working with Drew (Brees) and what were trying to accomplish in each game. Thats the objective. Its real early this time of the year, but Im excited. (Last year at this time) I had a cast on my foot and I couldnt run. Im just working on the technique in the middle part of the game right now.

Q: This offense was ranked first without you getting into the end zone last year. How good can this offense be with you being healthier?
A: I think as good as it was last year. Thats our goal. I think our goal as a team is to be number one.

Q: Do you think your coaches and your teammates questioned your commitment with the Las Vegas report?
A: I doubt it. Thats their opinion, but its not the first game, I think my desire and heart is in this. People can question it all they want. I think its always great practicing leading up to the season, but I think that its during the game, when it counts. Its when you're going against another team.

Q: Do you think what happens on gameday is most important?
A: Of course. I think everybody believes that. I think its always good to practice hard and have a good practice, but again, it doesnt really translate into a good game. Ive always been a guy who has to practice to do well and I always try to train and convert that into a good game. What you said is undoubtedly the truth for guys who play in any sport. Its very important to do well in the games.

Q: Were you scared with what happened in Las Vegas?
A: I think Ive commented as much as I wanted. Im here talking about football, not about Vegas and about what he heard, she heard, he said, she said. Lets talk about whats going on now and thats it.

Q: Are you going to be here for the rest of the offseason activities?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have a philosophy against offseason workouts?
A: I havent really done OTAs that much in my career, but obviously Im going to do as much as I can. Im going to be here for the rest of the time and getting better, knowing everything Drew (Brees) thinks before he thinks. Thats my philosophy this year. Its still a new offense for me. Im going to treat it like a rookie or anybody else in this room that got here.

Q: Are you eager to let the fans see the guy you can be?
A: I am, but like I said, theres a lot of time before our first game. Its September and its early June. The only thing I can say to the fans is its going to be a great year, the ticket situation speaks for itself. Its a long time away, but were working hard. Were working against our defense and then our first opponent. Hopefully we can give our defense a good look and vice versa. Theres a lot of time left before we play our first game. We have a whole training camp left and the preseason games. Its obviously excited to get ready to start with the mandatory minicamp right now, but theres a lot of time left.

Q: How hard was it coming in hurt last season?
A: It was hard. It seems like right when I got healthy I got hurt again. It was very hard. Thats the thing about this game. Its more of a mental chess of the brain. It was hard for me last year. Ive only been hurt with a sprained ankle before. I never had a broken bone as I did a year and a half ago. Im excited to come into training camp and prove to my teammates. It was hard getting hurt, but its what this game is about. I took the adversity. Im healthy this year. I can only control as much as I can.

Q: Wanting to prove yourself, did you maybe play when you shouldnt have last year?
A: Yes, thats probably the way to explain it. That was one of my decisions and I went with it.

Q: As a high profile guy, is the scrutiny unfair in your opinion?
A: When you get into things like that you cant control. Coming from a big market like New York, you really cant control what they write about you. All you can do is control how you play on Sundays. If you still get critiqued, thats fine. All you can really do is prove to your teammates and your coaches, because thats the guys you go out with and put it on the line for. The fans fall along with that. You get scrutinized. Everybody getting things written about them when youre doing good and when things go bad they write bad things. Ive kind of learned to not even listen to it.

Q: Does it affect the way you live your life off the field?
A: I kind of keep to the same philosophy of trying to do the right thing at all times, but as the situation you get put in as an NFL player, a guy playing in a big market in New York, youre going to get things written about you. I was 21 years old when I got drafted into a huge city. I remember going here and there and getting dragged. Its definitely different being 28 now and to my benefit. I can shield those things off and Im happy to be in New Orleans.

Q: How did your teammates react to the latest incident?
A: I think I just commented on the situation.

Q: Would you consider attending OTAs in the future?
A: Yes. Im going to be here as long as everyone else.

Q: Do you think you have the respect of the guys in the locker room?
A: Thats something you have to earn obviously and like you said, I had no touchdowns last year. I think Im here trying to help this team win. Im not here to sell jerseys or anything like that. I think you can ask people about how hard I work here. I cant change anyones opinion. All the things I do, when Im not here, I work hard. I work with a good group of people in Miami in hot weather. These OTA sessions these next couple weeks Ill be here.

Q: How would you compare this place to New York?
A: There are a lot less people here. Thats a good thing. I had a great time in New York, but I think in New Orleans this year, Ill have the time to show people Im healthy and it will be a lot different from last year.

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