Hester impressive

Maybe it’s too early, but I think a lot of people owe Devin Hester an apology.

All the haters who ripped on the fourth-year wide receiver as being nothing more than a return specialist should not that Hester had 4 passes thrown to him Sunday night and caught all 4 for 90 yards, including a 36-yard TD, the Bears’ first of the new season.

For comparison, Earl Bennett caught 7 passes for 66 yards, but he had 13 passes directed his way. Tight end Greg Olsen had 6 passes thrown to him and caught just 1 for 8 yards.

And keep in mind that Hester was playing against Packers cornerbacks Al Harris and Charles Woodson, possibly the most talented tandem he will see all season. Hester actually made Woodson, a five-time Pro Bowler, look bad after he caught a pass just over the line of scrimmage and then ran through the 12-year veteran’s tackle attempt for a 24-yard gain.

Hester’s still learning, and he isn’t as polished as a lot of No. 1 receivers, but on Sunday he looked a lot better than a lot of critics expected.

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