Here's a twist: Ravens' Ray Lewis into yoga

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Ray Lewis does yoga?

"Oh yeah, faithfully, faithfully," the Baltimore Ravens' star linebacker said Wednesday during a conference call with Chicago media members. "I take hour-and-a-half yoga classes. The crazy part about it is, once you actually get into it, two or three times, you really miss it. If you don't do it, you're like 'Oh, wow' because it stretches you that much, that for us (NFL players), being muscular people anyways, it's kind of really hard to keep your muscles very flexible. I've been doing it almost two or three years now."

It seems to be working. Lewis leads Baltimore with 132 tackles on the season, and is second on the team in forced fumbles (2) and fourth in sacks (2).

A 10-time Pro Bowl selection, Lewis, 34, serves as a reminder that life doesn't have to end for an NFL linebacker after 30 -- a relevant topic in Chicago since Brian Urlacher is 31.

"If you look at age, you'll really be in trouble," Lewis said. "It's based on understanding the game, understanding how to get from Point A to Point B without taking three or four false steps, and without reading the wrong thing. That's why I think (people) make age too big of a deal."

"I just think he [Urlacher] has to come back with the same mentality, and enjoy the game, Because if he enjoys the game, working out will be easy. He'll definitely come back with more fire, ready to play."

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