Lights, cameras, Reggie Wayne

WESTFIELD, Ind. -- Reggie Wayne is so smooth, he appears to defy the laws of physics in a new TV commercial set to air Thanksgiving Day on the NFL Network.

The two-time Pro Bowl receiver for the Indianapolis Colts jogged over an in-ground pool on Tuesday in a promotion for the new Reebok Hex Ride running shoes. OK, so the surface was actually blue-painted wood built into the pool. Water will be added later as a special effect, but Wayne was pumped by the pitch premise.

"Not many people can say they walked on water. To be one of the selective few is always a great thing," he said. "But I don't think it's going to take much for me because I feel like I walk on water every day."

Not that this was any day at the beach. Temperatures for this back-yard production at a suburban residence were in the mid-30s. In between takes, Wayne wrapped himself in a Colts blanket.

Wayne's on-screen counterpart was New York actor Stephen Mailer, who plays a nerdy Reebok scientist, complete with the thick glasses, tape recorder and clipboard. The real-life New York Jets fan appears to test how Wayne does in the new running shoes.

Assistant Brian Banks stood in for Wayne on a rehearsal. Banks ran through some tires, then stepped through some spots on the pool. He was perfect.

"If you need a third down receiver, there he is," said director Ron Yassen.

"We need a first-down receiver," joked Wayne, the Colts' leading receiver this season with 56 catches for 790 yards.

When assistant director Rob Mackler hollered, "Action!" for the first real run, Wayne stumbled.

Mackler didn't need to yell "Cut!" because Wayne had already asked for a do-over. Members of New York's Roadside Entertainment crew exhaled in cold puffs of air, then focused again. And they weren't the only ones watching intently.

John and Jackie Lindgren's Westfield home had a deck filled with family and friends. Others watched from inside. Lindgren's pool was selected at random by Pools of Fun in Plainfield. The film crew basically set up in the home's basement activity room.

"The kids are so excited," John Lindgren said of their three children. "They've been telling all their buddies that Reggie was going to be in their back yard."

Mitch Lindgren, 12, couldn't get his buddies to believe it. He snapped pictures for proof.

"I told (school) I had a doctor's appointment," said Meghan, 14, a Carmel High School freshman. "It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing."

After three takes, Wayne was hitting his stride, but his baggy black shorts weren't cooperating.

"My trousers keep falling," he said, walking off the set to get a clothes pin alteration.

"Wardrobe malfunction," a witty crew member said.

After the fourth take, Wayne assured, "I'm getting better at it."

After seven takes, it was time for close-up shots. The shoot ran long, but Wayne stuck around.

"Reggie was stupendous," Yassen said. "He was a pleasure to work with. Some athletes, they can be tricky, but he did everything we asked. He's an All-Pro."

Wayne has filmed commercials before, but conceded he has a ways to go to catch up with the NFL leader in endorsements, the same guy responsible for getting the receiver the ball on game days.

"I ain't on Peyton Manning's status," Wayne said of his quarterback, who earned a reported $13 million in endorsements in 2007. "I guess you could say I'm building a foundation."