Zorn on Portis

Clinton Portis: Zorn said that while he was pleased with Ladell Betts's 114-yard output against Denver, Portis would remain his starting running back when he recovers from the concussion that caused him to sit out against the Broncos. But -- and it's a big but -- he's not sure when Portis will be better. "I don't know what the prognosis is," he said.

Zorn said the team would "wait, and wait patiently and wait cautiously" before deciding whether Portis could play this week. But he did say Portis was still experiencing blurred vision when he turned his head quickly.

"I think the headaches are now gone," Zorn said. "I think the ringing's gone. There's still a little blurriness. It's really when you move your head real quick, there's a little blurriness. Something's still there, and day by day, I think he's getting better and better."

Zorn said he would not wait until Saturday to make a decision on the running back. He could know more by Wednesday. Whatever happens, though, Zorn downplayed any differences if he gives Betts more time.

"Partly because that's what we've been doing," Zorn said. "We're sharing time. Maybe not the run load, but we have been sharing time. I don't want this to be something where Ladell came in and did a wonderful job -- good grief, he really did a tremendous job -- and yet have Clinton lose his job because Ladell came in in support. I think it's just exciting to know we've got two running backs who can run the ball. I want to be very sure that Clinton can get out there and really pound it and really use all of his abilities before we shove him back in, hoping that his concussion will be okay."

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