Moss vs. Webster Dustup Ends Quickly

Washington Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss got into a skirmish with New York Giants cornerback Corey Webster early in the second quarter of the Redskins' 23-17 loss, tussling with the defensive back and exchanging several blows to the face.

Moss' helmet was knocked off during the fight, which began when the two got into it as Moss was blocking Webster, and they had to be separated in the end zone after Webster took Moss down.

The two received offsetting personal-foul penalties, and after the game Moss expressed regret for his actions.

"It wasn't nothing personal. It was just that particular play," he said. "A couple of shoves got out of hand and then my helmet flew off and then I got a head butt to the eye. Once I got a head butt to the eye I just kind of, I'm just one of those guys I'm not just going to sit there. And due to the fact that you kind of think about your team at the time you don't want to put yourself in a situation like that we was in, we were already backed up. You sit here now and you say you regret it or you hate it, but we didn't get no, it was offset penalties so I'm lucky. I'm glad for that.

"But just beyond that it was something that shouldn't have happened and we kind of talked about it. I told him that, 'Hey, I did what I did because [of] how I felt once my helmet came off. I'm defensless. I can't do much.' And he wants to keep going, then I'm going to keep going regardless of what I've got on and that's just what happened."

Redskins Coach Jim Zorn said after the game that Washington had to be more disciplined in key moments.

"Our challenge was to become more disciplined on the field, and that's going to be our challenge from week one to week two," he said.

Redskins safety LaRon Landry also tussled with Giants running back Brandon Jacobs in the second quarter, though neither player was penalized. In last year's opener, Jacobs memorably ran over Landry for a long gain.
"The Redskins as a whole is a pretty clean team," Jacobs told reporters afterward. "They just have one guy over there that was a little salty from 12 months ago, you know, 12 months today. .....

"He just kept at me, you know, hitting me out of bounds, got a stupid penalty. ..... He should have been smarter, you know, but it comes with experience."

Redskins linebacker London Fletcher said the nature of play in the NFC East made for most of the after-play altercations.

"It's not a lot of love lost between these two teams," Fletcher said. "It's pretty much like that in the NFC East when we get to go against each other. I think we've got a great distaste for the Giants, and I'm pretty sure they've got a great distaste for us."

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