In Turner's staff, Chudzinski is the go-to guy

Tomorrow night will be the first real game in which Norv Turner has help from above from Rob Chudzinski.

After four preseason games, training camp and this past week's preparations for the season opener, Turner believes his new assistant head coach has made the Chargers “more equipped” for success.

At the very least, Turner has someone new to talk to and less to do.

Wanting some assistance on a daily basis and to shake up and receive more input from his staff, Turner hired Chudzinski in February as assistant head coach and tight ends coach.

Assistant head coach is something of a nebulous term, which can mean different things depending on the staff.

“I'm just trying to do things to take some things off Norv's plate — administration things, organizational things, scheduling,” said Chudzinski, who was the offensive coordinator in Cleveland in 2007 and '08 after a two-year stint coaching tight ends for the Chargers.

During games, Chudzinski joins linebackers coach John Pagano and offensive coordinator Clarence Shelmon in the coaches' booth. He and Shelmon will communicate with Turner via headset, with Shelmon mostly handling the running game and protection. That will allow quarterbacks coach John Ramsdell to be on the sideline, communicating more directly with Philip Rivers.

During the week, in addition to helping devise the daily schedules, Chudzinski is a contributor to the game plan, as Turner asks all of his offensive assistants to be.

“It's a great process,” Chudzinski said. “We have a real open environment when we're game planning. Everyone is involved.”

Said Turner: “Having Chud here has kind of stimulated everybody.”

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