Hester will always lack some key No. 1 characteristics

On pace for 85 receptions and 1,060 yards this season, credit Devin Hester for proving many of his naysayers wrong that he can't be a primary target in this league. However, we saw some reasons Thursday in San Francisco why he'll never be on par with the likes of Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. Not only does his 5-11 and 189-pound frame limit him from from a physical point of view when it comes to his effectiveness in the red zone, but he lacks some of the instinctual characteristics that separate the truly great wideouts from the simply good ones.

You can make an argument that two of Jay Cutler's five interceptions were Hester's fault, as one time he slipped coming out of what was a lazily run pattern and then quit on another mid-stride when the umpire interrupted a crossing pattern.

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