Wayne glad to see Manning smiling

It didn't take long for Reggie Wayne to detect a change in quarterback Peyton Manning's disposition regarding the uncertainty of the Colts' offensive coaching staff.

Frustrated last week over what Manning described as "poor communication" following the retirements of coordinator Tom Moore and line coach Howard Mudd, the three-time NFL Most Valuable Player appeared more upbeat to Wayne as the team continued its offseason work Friday.

"He's been smiling," Wayne said, "so something's going right right now."

Manning indicated recent meetings with team president Bill Polian and coach Jim Caldwell helped. Polian said Friday the Colts plan to bring Moore and Mudd back as consultants once the dynamics of the pension restrictions are resolved.

"Sounds like it's still somewhat to be determined what their potential role may be," Manning said. "But I know they'll handle it and we'll be in good shape. "I do know that Jim Caldwell has a plan, as he told me, kind of for the either/or scenario. That plan sounds good to me, and I'll be there to support him in whatever direction we go."

Moore and Mudd retired last month because of concerns with the league's pension plan. When they are allowed to return, and in what capacity, remains uncertain.

"This is a unique issue that's unique to pension law and the fact they're above 65 (years old)," Polian said. "We've been wrestling with it since February.''

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