Reds' Alonso is good, but will have to find another position

Hal McCoy says it’s getting hot in Arizona. I’m sure everyone in Ohio feels sorry for him. Too bad there are no beaches in Phoenix!

Q Much has been written about Yonder Alonso switching positions, so do you think he will switch to make this team? — Mark, Bloomington, Ind.
A He did not play Triple-A last year until the postseason playoffs, so he is most likely ticketed for Louisville. And, yes, he will play other positions because he is a first baseman and there is a guy named Joey Votto playing there now. I think he’s good.

Q How much money a year do the players make from the Major League Baseball Players Association? I have a relative from Springboro, Mark Johnson, who pitched briefly in the majors and he told me it was in the $600,000 range. — Charles, Springboro
A Just another case of the rich getting richer. That extra money comes from the licensing of MLB merchandise and all players share in it. It varies, but it gets bigger every year. I’d take that money alone and retire — again.

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