What happens if McIntosh doesn't sign tender?

Let's look at what could happen if Carlos Rogers and Rocky McIntosh decline to sign any time soon.

Again, as restricted free agents who received one-year contract tenders, Rogers and McIntosh cannot become unrestricted unless the Redskins withdraw their tender offers. Barring unforeseen developments, I don't see the team withdrawing the offers.

Today is the last restricted free agents can sign offer sheets with other teams, but it's not the last day restricted free agents can sign their tenders. It's not even close to the deadline.

There is a deadline, however, if Rogers and McItosh want to play this season -- and be paid.

Rogers and McIntosh must sign by the 10th week of season (the official season that began with the first day of free agency, not the playing season) or they can't play during the 2010 season. Also, if they haven't signed by June 15, they risk having their tender amounts lowered to 110 percent over their salaries from the 2009 seasons.

As we previously reported, Rogers and McIntosh are among many players who have been denied unrestricted free agency because of the uncapped season. And they've expressed displeasure with the Redskins for declining to offer them multiyear extensions or simply releasing them to potentially better situations for themselves.

There has been little movement in the deep restricted free-agent market because teams have been extremely reluctant to part with draft picks. But there also are other factors that might have contributed to teams being reluctant to pursue Rogers and McIntosh and also offer them the long-term contracts they seem to believe they deserve.

McIntosh, who is coming off a strong season, has had knee issues since his days at the University of Miami.

To be sure, Rogers and McIntosh are talented, and they could continue to be major contributors to the Redskins under Coach Mike Shanahan and defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, who will continue to install the team's new 3-4 defense during the first voluntary three-day minicamp that begins Friday at Redskins Park. Will Rogers and McIntosh sign their tenders? Will they participate in the minicamp?

I understand why Rogers and McIntosh are upset, but the Redskins are only using the tools available to them under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. Rogers and McIntosh can become unrestricted free agents after the season, so they could help themselves down the road by getting with Shanahan's program, including attending the minicamp, and doing everything they can to prepare in an attempt to have productive seasons before going into the unrestricted market. Perhaps that's what they need to focus on right now.

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