Sinorice Moss claims he's not feeling the pressure of Victor Cruz's breakout

ALBANY, N.Y. – Sinorice Moss knows the deal by now. Just last year, he was getting asked the same questions.

“And the year before,” the Giants’ wide receiver said with a laugh Wednesday. “And the year before. And the year before.”

Five years into his NFL career, the former second-round pick has yet to reach the potential the team believed he had – and the ceiling he still sees for himself. And once again it’s a numbers game. Now that rookie undrafted free agent Victor Cruz has emerged with his three-touchdown performance on Monday night, Moss is seemingly back on the verge of having his Giants career cut short.

Last year, it was extended when the team kept seven wide receivers. But that was a special occasion for a corps that needed as many bodies as possible. This year, there might roster spots needed elsewhere (such as quarterback and safety). Plus, Moss’ base salary has more than doubled from last season to $1.176 million, which makes him a slightly more expensive option to keep.

“It’s pretty much the same thing and I just take the same approach to it,” Moss said. “I don’t look at it as numbers. I just go out there, perform and take care of the things I need to take care of.”

Moss was back on the field performing in practice Wednesday after sitting out for more than a week with a groin issue. He was asked if Cruz’s game against the Jets and his impressive practices beforehand spurred him to suit up again and he replied, “Not at all.”

Moss said he’s been supportive of Cruz and doesn’t think about whether the rookie might have already stolen his job.

“If I think about that, I won’t be able to do what I need to do on the field every day. So why think about numbers?” Moss said. “It’s not about numbers to me. It’s about me going out there every day and participating and making plays and showing this team what I’m capable of doing.”

Again, the same questions. And the same answers. A different result this time? That remains to be seen.

But at least the approach is consistent right now.

“I definitely do have the experience and I’ve been asked these questions many times throughout the years,” Moss said. “I take the same approach – a positive attitude and a smile. I know what I bring and I know what I’m capable of doing. That’s why I have the smile on my face all the time.”

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