Ed Reed: Hines Ward 'tried to cheap-shot me'

Accusations of cheap shots flew both ways between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday.

On the same day Steelers players alleged a "dirty play" tried to take out LB James Harrison, Ravens S Ed Reed said Pittsburgh WR Hines Ward made a similar gesture at him.

And, amid heavy fines being thrust upon many defensive players this season for illegal hits, Reed called for the league to make a similar crackdown on offensive players.

He alleged that Ward blocked him with the crown of his helmet early in the Steelers' win at Baltimore on Sunday.

"He tried to cheap-shot me, and he didn't get a fine," Reed said, via BaltimoreRavens.com. "He came at me with his head down. I moved out the way. Who's going to go police that?"

Two Ravens were fined for illegal hits in the loss to Pittsburgh, with Jameel McClain docked $40,000 and Haloti Ngata $15,000.

And Reed saw clear differences between Ward's block on him and McClain's hit on Heath Miller that drew the fine.

"You've got to see that he came at me," Reed said. (Ward was) trying to do it. (McClain) wasn't trying to hurt the guy. He's just playing football. (Ward) was trying to hurt me. He was trying to take me out the game.

"What are they going to do about that? They're not going to do anything about that."

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