Portis: 'Shocking' that Eagles would trade Dononvan McNabb to Redskins

Redskins RB Clinton Portis said Monday that he found it "shocking" the Eagles were willing to give up Pro Bowl QB Donovan McNabb, especially to a divisional rival.

"When you go from one team to another, you kind of wish that you get the opportunity to play that team," Portis said in an appearance on ESPN's SportsCenter. "I think Philly and the Redskins have one of the biggest (rivalries) around.

"To have the opportunity to get Donovan here was shocking."

The Redskins surrendered the 37th overall pick in this year's draft and a third- or fourth-rounder next year for McNabb. Portis said he understood the Eagles were looking to give an opportunity to Kevin Kolb, but questioned the wisdom of giving away a player who had been so successful through 11 years in Philadelphia.

"He's someone who got them to the (NFC) championship game five times and it's not enough," Portis said. "What's enough in the NFL now is unknown.

"You take me to the conference championship five times, I can't see getting rid of you."

Also, Portis said he welcomed the competition the Redskins have brought to Washington for him at the tailback spot. The team has signed Larry Johnson and Willie Parker in recent weeks to vie with Portis for the starting role in training camp.

Portis said he's embracing the competition.

"Whoever gets the nod out of the three of us, we'll always know there's another guy pushing us, another guy eager to get on the field," Portis said.

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