Sam Shields Moving Up the Depth Chart

Cornerback Sam Shields, the rookie free agent from Miami, was promoted on three of the four core special teams Monday night. Basically, he moved past cornerback Jarrett Bush.

"Sam's earned it," McCarthy said. "We do want to get closer to what we feel are going to be the guys who we're going to be playing with."
Tight end Tom Crabtree also played a more prominent role on special teams.

Shields was one of the two gunners on the punt team and one of the hold-up players on the punt team. He also was a member of the No. 1 kickoff team.

Shields said it was a positive development for his chances to make the team.

"Yes, sir," he said. "Most definitely. Special teams is the way for me."

Shields made a name for himself early in his career with the Hurricanes by running down on punts. On Saturday night in Seattle, he was the first man down on the two punts.

On the first, he was pushed into the middle of the field. However, once he drew even with the blocker, he sprinted past him toward the returner.

"It's really being quick and getting off the ball to get downfield," said Shields.

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