Patriots launch Vince Wilfork ring game

Vince Wilfork's Super Bowl ring has been stolen - sort of - and for Patriots football fans, the hunt is on - a smartphone scavenger hunt to find the missing bling.

A stolen Super Bowl ring is the premise of a game the New England Patriots are launching today called "Help Vince."

The team is working with Scvngr, a Boston company that has developed a game-engine platform that allows organizations, schools - and football teams - to create location-based games and challenges that are optimized for smartphones. The "Help Vince" challenge that Scvngr devised for the Patiots contains elements of a traditonal scavenger hunt game. (You'll need a free location-based iPhone or Android app to play the Patriots' Scvngr game.) People who choose to participate get game clues on their cellphones. Solve a clue, and a player earns points. The goal of this Patriots game is to find the ring. (Wilfork is shown at right in a Globe file photo.)

"Patriots fans can play special Patriots challenges at hundreds of spots across New England in the special 'Help Vince' trek on Scvngr," the Patriots said in a press release. "Along the way, special Patriots badges are awarded and prizes given daily and weekly, as well as the ultimate-Grand-Finale-Finito-ZOMG-We-Found-Vince’s-Ring prize: a private lunch with a Patriots player!"

Patriots president Jonathan Kraft said in a statement: “For 16 years, our organization has invested in digital technology that enhances our relationship with our fans. Because we believe mobile gaming is the next evolution in social media, we’ve partnered with Scvngr, a clear leader in this emerging space, on ‘Help Vince’ and other games.”

The Patriots plan multiple efforts with Scvngr throughout the upcoming season, with "Help Vince" as the first, team spokesman Stacey James said.

Wilfork was chosen for the maiden effort not only because he's a star and a fan favorite but also because he's very active in social media, James said.

"He uses Twitter a lot to interact with fans in the off-season," James said.

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