Nate Webster Becomes Defensive Coordinator of Bellevue High School

Nate Webster. As in that Nate Webster. As in this Nate Webster.

The nine-year NFL veteran and former Bengals linebacker will call the defense for one of the smallest football-playing schools in the state. Here’s how he ended up in Tigertown.

In May, Bellevue hired Russ Shearer as its head coach. One of Shearer’s former players had met Webster at the University of Cincinnati, where the latter is finishing up his degree. With UC’s staff full and Webster wanting to break into coaching, Shearer offered him a job.

“He’s an exceptional coach and the kids love him,” said Shearer. “The guy has a Super Bowl ring. … I will say this though. I love Nate Webster as a coach, but I hope he’s not coaching for me next year. He has too much talent and knowledge to be coaching with us right now.

“But we’re happy to have him.”

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