Kellen Winslow might not see field in preseason

TAMPA — It's appearing more likely Bucs TE Kellen Winslow won't play this preseason.

Winslow didn't make the trip to Miami two weeks ago and didn't play Saturday against the Chiefs, though he was in uniform and warmed up.
Coach Raheem Morris shows no desire to play Winslow, last season's leading receiver, and allowed Tuesday that he might not play until the regular-season opener Sept. 12 against Cleveland.

"I had no interest in playing Kellen Winslow last week," Morris said. "We're getting Kellen ready for the season. We're getting Kellen ready for Cleveland. We're getting Kellen ready to make it through the 16-game season. That's what we're going to need Kellen for."

So he may not play this preseason?

"He may not," Morris said. "But we wanted to get him out there to test the waters a little bit. Last year in the preseason, he played a little bit for us. I'm sure this year in the preseason, we'll want to play him a little bit and we'll get him out of there when we want to."

"I'm not into evaluating Kellen. Kellen put a nice 16 games on display for us last year and right now, we've just got to get him ready to go out there and win games for us."

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