Olsen still a concern for Bears

Freeport, Ill. — The Chicago Bears plugged some big holes last week by signing defensive end Julius Peppers, tailback Chester Taylor and tight end Brandon Manumaleuna.

They were much needed additions to a desperate team looking for players to still make head coach Lovie Smith’s Cover 2 defense and new offensive coordinator Mike Martz’s Coryell offense work in Chicago.

Fans shouldn’t be too impressed with the Bears simply outbidding other teams, but at least they identified some of their problems and signed guys that should have an immediate impact.

But fans should be worried about this whole Greg Olsen thing.

No, I don’t think trading Olsen is a bad. If he doesn’t fit in the Martz system, there’s obviously no point of keeping him on the team when you can get draft picks for needed players such as all five offensive line positions and safety.

But no one should accept not trading Olsen and not utilizing him while on the Bears’ roster.

There’s been rumors, according to the Boers and Bernstein radio show, that the Bears can’t get anything better than a sixth-round pick for Olsen.

If that’s the case, clearly, it makes no sense for Chicago to trade him.

So ... the Bears should just let him rot?

This isn’t fantasy football — or my fantasy football column — so the idea of not using Olsen is ridiculous and speaks to the management of this team from the Bears organization.

Either you trade him or use him.

That’s it.

There’s no excuse for Martz to waste Olsen’s talents like he did a much better tight end, Vernon Davis, in San Francisco.

Yes, Olsen is not a star tight end because I can’t name one thing that he does better than any other TE in the NFL. But the man did catch eight TDs and shouldn’t just vanish from the offense without supplanting this team with talent in another position.

If Martz is such a genius, shouldn’t he find a way to use Olsen if he can’t be traded?

Because if he can’t, then the Bears once again become the laughing stock of the league.

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