The Hurricane Cereal Box

Rocky McIntosh dropped by my [] desk today wearing a green and orange 305 shirt, claiming to be on a cereal box. When I expressed my skepticism, he left and returned an hour later with an actual box of the Miami Hurricanes "Pipeline To The Pros" cereal.

It took a few minutes to find all the Redskins on the box -- a few minutes during which McIntosh noted that, with the signing of Antrel Rolle, the Giants now have more active Miami players than the Redskins -- but eventually they all turned up. (The most elusive was Clinton Portis, wearing a difficult-to-see #28 and with his face obscured by a visor. "Guess he didn't donate enough last year," McIntosh mused, moments before we finally noticed Portis disappearing into a bowl of cereal and berries.)

When I wrote about the Redskins Breakfast Blitz cereal last September, I noted that

Because it would probably be unwise to associate an NFL team with a cereal with zero nutritional content, this tastes much closer to Honey Nut Cheerios than anything else.

Well, The U doesn't play by those rules: this is straight-up generic Frosted Flakes, twelve grams of sugar and all. For all that, though, McIntosh seems pretty enthused by it, although he was quick to shoot down my suggestion that this was the highest honor of his career.

"That would be actually getting to the pros," he said. Then he promised to conduct a taste test tomorrow between Pipeline To The Pros, Breakfast Blitz, and "some General Mills thing". Which is something to look forward to, I guess, if there's still no free agency news.

( The cereal is sold at your local Publix Supermarket. We've got our own unopened box. It's a great collectible.

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