Olsen not on the trade block

Citing friends of Greg Olsen, NBC Chicago reported that the Bears tight end was not happy about the hire of new offensive coordinator Mike Martz and that he "quietly sent his agent Drew Rosenhaus into trade request mode."

That's not the case, according to a source close to the situation.

The Bears are not actively shopping Olsen, although that could change if another club makes an overwhelming offer.

The source tells me that Martz is still trying to get a handle on the Bears offensive players, and he hasn't had time to get his arms around how he will utilize them.

Olsen obviously has heard all the talk about how tight ends have been used in Martz's offense. But, Martz also has never had a tight end with Olsen's athleticism -- at least one who wasn't distracted and disinterested (think Vernon Davis in San Francisco).

Like any young player, Olsen will have to continue to develop, especially as a blocker, and he'll have to win the trust of Martz.

But Martz also must show Olsen that he's open-minded about expanding the role of the tight end in his offense.

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