Martz: Olsen needs to get grounded in blocking

New Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz says tight end Greg Olsen "needs to get grounded in blocking" as he becomes acclimated to the team's offensive system.

Martz, who spoke during and after the presentation of the Brian Piccolo Awards to Olin Kreutz and Johnny Knox on Tuesday at Halas Hall, also said: "If there is a player who can't fit a system, then there is a problem -- if he is a good player -- with the system....Our deal is that we will give everybody an opportunity to find who they are and how they will contribute."

Martz said he was pleased with Olsen's progress so far in workouts.

"I am not disappointed in any respect," Martz said. "It's hard to run the ball if you don't have a tight end that's going to handle the edge."


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