Clinton Portis says his rehab is ahead of schedule

Running back Clinton Portis is ahead of schedule after season-ending abdomen surgery and remains determined to play again next season, he said in a radio interview Tuesday.

During his weekly appearance on 106.7 The Fan's The Mike Wise Show with Holden Kushner, Portis said he has exceeded expectations in his rehab work. Whether it's with the Redskins or another team, Portis said he is determined to return to the field in 2011.

"As far as me getting healthy, I think I'm pretty healthy," Portis said. "I think already did all the requirements that the doc asked me to do. I'm running, I'm doing the ladder, I'm jumping, my legs feel great. I could run routes today if given the opportunity.

"So I think I'll be perfectly healthy. I think I'll be perfectly fine. I actually feel like I could [play right now]. I think the surgery went great. ... I know I'm ahead of schedule. ... I think I'll be healthy and looking forward to next season."

Kushner suggested the Redskins erred in assigning him to the season-ending injured reserve, but Portis disagreed.

"I wouldn't say that," he said. "No one knew that the recovery would be this quick."

The Redskins have not informed Portis whether he is in their long-term plans.

"I don't need to sit around and worry, man," he said. "My mind-set is the enjoyment. It was good times and bad times that I had in this area. The good times were great - '05, '07 - having that run. Going through the death of Sean T. [Taylor] and seeing the team come together. And for a whole region, a whole area a whole city [uniting after Taylor's death].

"All the bad times, all the comment, 'Oh, Clinton this and Clinton that.' ... For me, it's enjoyment. Nobody could ever say I gave up. Nobody could ever say I turned my back on the team. For me not practicing or anything else, on Sunday when the film came on, I tried to fight and gave everything I had for the player standing next to me, trying to help them and trying to win for this city."

If the Redskins do not attempt to re-sign him, Portis said he will leave content.

"I'm okay," he said. "If it don't work out here, I'm okay with walking away with a smile on my face and understanding it's business."

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