Calais Campbell Poised For a Breakout Season

The 6-foot-8 Campbell, well known among Cardinals fans, had seven sacks last season as a starter yet should have been in double figures. He let several quarterbacks wriggle out from his grasp, something that still sticks in his head. Very physically gifted, he works hard and plays with excellent leverage, despite his 6-foot-8 height. Campbell says he is determined to become a perennial double-digit sacker and appears right on course to accomplish that goal. His long arms should allow him to force more fumbles.

This could be a breakout year for him, especially since Arizona got stronger at nose tackle with the addition of first-round pick Dan Williams. With Campbell at one end and Darnell Dockett on the other, the Cardinals figure to be a worrisome sight for opposing quarterbacks.
The first of those quarterbacks will have a lot on his mind. It's St. Louis rookie Sam Bradford, who opens the regular season Sept. 12 against Arizona.

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