Jon Jay's Christmas heavy on Cuban tradition

Cardinals outfielder Jon Jay spends his winters in Florida, where he enjoys sunny Christmases on a yearly basis. Jay checked in with to talk about a few of his favorite things at Christmastime, including the Cuban Christmas traditions of his family and the football team of his beloved University of Miami. Where will you be spending Christmas this year? With whom?
Jay: I'll be at my parents' house on Christmas Day. We get together. I've got a couple of little cousins, and we just kind of hang out all day. What are you asking for this year?
Jay: I don't really ask for much. I do much more giving these days.
Our biggest celebration is on the 24th. We have a Cuban tradition; we celebrate Christmas Eve. It's called Noche Buena. We cook a pig, so we'll be doing that with my family at my grandparents' house. What's your favorite Christmas memory from when you were a kid?
Jay: I think every Christmas was fun, getting all geared up, waiting for the gifts under the Christmas tree. I don't have one specific one. I think every Christmas was good. What's your favorite holiday-time food or drink?
Jay: My favorite is the Cuban tradition. We cook the pig, and I really enjoy eating the pig with the traditional rice and beans, especially since nowadays I tend to stay away from that kind of food. You're from Florida -- have you ever had a white Christmas?
Jay: Never had a white Christmas. We usually have a sunny Christmas around here. Do you prefer traditional carols or modern rock and pop holiday songs?
Jay: I'm not really into either, but I like traditional carols more. Is this a big vacation time of year for you?
Jay: I usually stay home and hang out with family. I like to get away a few days after Christmas, do a little traveling. This year, I'm going down to the Florida Keys. I'm heading down the 28th, and I'll spend New Year's down there. So that means you won't be going to Miami's bowl game?
Jay: No, I won't be going, but I'll be glued to a TV.

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