Ryan Braun's restaurant closes for renovations

Ryan Braun's Waterfront Restaurant was open for only six months, and is temporarily closing. Many expected this restaurant associated with an all-star slugger to be a cash cow. The restaurants closing is drawing shock and frustration from customers and vendors.

Thanksgiving weekend, a small sign was put up saying it's closed due to lack of heat", and those looking for a bite to eat are out of luck.
One week later that small sign was replaced with a larger sign saying the restaurant is "temporarily closed to renovations and will open soon under new management." Some who actually do business with the restaurant aren't buying it.

Maureen Connolly owns Greenworks Plants Scapes and has supplied the restaurant with a number of fresh greens. Connolly says, "The plants that are in there now are about $300 a piece and there's about 5-6 large palms in there now...and they're perishable. That's the thing. They're not silk plants, they're live plants. They have to be cared for every week."

She says the owner, RB Hospitality Group LLC. owes her more than $1,600 in invoices. She's not the only vendor seeking payment.

Recently Tony Machi Fruits and Vegetables sued RB Hospitality for more than $20,000. Connolly says, "It's frustrating because as a small business owner, and I'm fairly small and new, we came through with our end of the bargain."

Connolly doesn't know if she'll seek legal action, but she just hopes to get some resolution. She just wants her plants and money back.
In a statement the restaurant says:

The temporary close is for implementing additional renovations, changes to the menu and transitioning to a new owner. Details on expansion are expected in the next few days.

Ryan Braun does not hold any ownership of the restaurant, and was not available for comment on this story.

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