Kubiak amazed by Andre Johnson's toughness

Coach Gary Kubiak emphasized Tuesday how much pain Andre Johnson plays with, and he's still got 71 catches for 1,018 yards.

"I think he's been absolutely amazing," Kubiak said. "I think it's kind of flown under the radar. This guy has played with a hurt ankle all year long, except for opening day. He's missed a game and a half, really played limping around for almost a month, and yet he's sitting there in the top four or five guys in the league at receiver.

"I'm surprised more people haven't said things about it. For him to give it up for his team has been incredible. He knows if he gets himself to game day and takes his shot that he can make it through the game, first team.

"Those high ankle sprains are very difficult to deal with; they take a long time to recover from. They're just nagging as they can be. Some players can play with them, (players) you don't notice like linemen. But with receivers, it's much more difficult to deal with, so for him to be able to do that is pretty special."

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