Clinton Portis on this week's surgery: 'It was a minor tuneup'

While undergoing season-ending abdomen surgery this week, running back Clinton Portis also had his severe groin tear repaired, the nine-year veteran revealed Thursday.

"It was a minor tuneup," said two-time Pro Bowler, who is on the season-ending injured reserve list. "I went and got tuned up. I feel like everything should be fine."

Addressing reporters for the first time since undergoing the procedures Tuesday in Philadelphia, Portis explained that his abdomen and groin muscles were both fixed by Dr. William Meyers, a sports hernia specialist in Philadelphia. Portis initially suffered a third-degree groin tear during a 17-12 victory against the Philadelphia Eagles on Oct. 4.

The abdomen tear occurred early during a 19-16 victory in overtime against the Tennessee Titans on Nov. 21. On Wednesday, Coach Mike Shanahan said he did not know about Portis's status after surgery.

The Redskins knew Portis, who suffered a third-degree tear, would require season-ending surgery if he chose to have his muscle reattached to the bone. Portis chose to rehab in hopes of returning to the lineup this season and providing a spark for the team, which is 5-6 and has all but been eliminated from postseason contention.

Washington is 26th in rushing with a 90.7-yard average. Portis performed well in his brief appearance against the Titans, rushing for 32 yards (with a 6.4-yard average) and catching one pass for 14 yards.

But considering the severity of his groin problem, should Portis have had surgery earlier and sat out the remainder of the season after being injured in Week 4?

"I don't think so," Portis said. "I think the excitement of trying to recover and get back on the field [was more important to him]. If you watch the game [against the Titans], you didn't see any setback [after] going through two weeks of practice before I stepped back on the field.

"Having the confidence in it, not really worrying about the groin giving, you know? Just going out and having that confidence. I don't think it was a, 'Oh, I shoulda sat out.' Like I said, for that one quarter, to go out and provide the spark, provide the energy that I provided, it felt great."

Although Portis's last two seasons have been cut short by injury (he was placed on injured reserve last season because of a concussion) and three of his past five, he wants to return next season.

"Of course, I want to" return to the Redskins, he said. "The previous two seasons, just losing the luster of the game, not really knowing what I wanted to do, compared to finally putting the work in this offseason and getting back, and having a system you believe in, and getting the right teammates and seeing the guys fighting for the right purpose ... all of a sudden, you miss it again.

"Being here all offseason, working, coming up short, just having an opportunity ... finding the fun in the game again. Not really letting all the outside gestures, situations I can't control, worry or bother me. So, I'm looking forward to coming back next year. I would love to comer back here. I think they got a good thing going. The coaching staff and the organization headed in the right direction."

Although Portis said he has not spoken with Shanahan about his desire to return, he believes Shanahan is aware of his feelings because of his actions since Shanahan took control of the football operation.

"I don't think I had to have any conversation with him," said Portis, making almost $7.7 million in the final guaranteed season of his contract. "I think he see me around here enough. Instead of have that conversation and say, 'Coach, I'm really focused and I really want to be here,' there comes a time in your career where your body language speaks for itself.

"When you go above and beyond ... just trying to get on the field. A lot of people doubted me even getting back on the field. Just the dedication of being here every morning at six o'clock in the morning, day in day out from training camp, always battling something and coming out with a positive attitude and doing whatever I can do. I think it was great work."

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