Rocky McIntosh willing to make inside move in 3-4

Washington did not pursue Karlos Dansby, and Larry Foote left without a contract after visiting the complex this week, so it would seem the team still has a big hole to fill at linebacker opposite London Fletcher.

The Redskins appear to need another starting middle linebacker because they are in the process of transitioning from a base 4-3 defense to a 3-4 alignment. But there is an in-house answer, Rocky McIntosh said.

"I can play inside," McIntosh said in a phone interview the other day. "I've played inside before. It's no big deal. I can play anywhere. I did it when Gregg [Williams] was here."

The four-year veteran primarily has played weak-side linebacker in the 4-3. But when Williams was the Redskins' defensive coordinator, McIntosh said, "we just weren't a 4-3. We did a little bit of everything. Sometimes we played like a 3-4, and I was inside.

"I also played outside and I played end. I played all over the place. I played every position. I can play inside with Fletch. If that's where they want me to play, I know I can do it because I've done it before. It's not really that different for me."

Former defensive coordinator Greg Blache simplified the Redskins' scheme when he replaced Williams before the 2008 season. Under Blache, the Redskins were less aggressive in terms of blitzing than they had been with Williams in charge, and McIntosh settled into the full-time weak-side role.

McIntosh is coming off a strong season in which he was credited with 64 unassisted tackles (94 overall) and had two interceptions. He was among the most consistent performers on a defense that finished 10th in the league in yards per game.

In a capped year, McIntosh would have been an unrestricted free agent. But McIntosh was restricted under the rules for the uncapped 2010 season.

He expressed frustration last week because the Redskins tendered him a contract. McIntosh had hoped the team would offer him a multiyear extension.

"But you just go out and play when it's time to play," McIntosh said. "If they need me to play there [inside], that's where I'll play."

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