Greg Olsen’s Surprisingly Sure Hands

We still don't know how Greg Olsen will fit into Mike Martz's new offense. But one thing Martz should know --- if he doesn't already --- is that the Bears tight end is a reliable pass catcher.

Pro Football Focus did an amazingly comprehensive study (which is what the site is known for, by the way) of receivers and tights ends to find out who dropped the most passes last season. Lead analyst Ben Stockwell attempted to limit the subjectivity by measuring a drop when a receiver had "his hands on a ball you would reasonably expect to be caught."

Using this criteria, Olsen only had two drops and 59 catches for a "drop percentage" of 3.28, which was fourth best in the league among tight ends behind the Panthers' Jeff King, Kevin Boss of the Giants and Owen Daniels of the Texans.

Ex-Bears receivers didn't fare so well, by the way. Mark Bradley dropped a fourth of the passes thrown his way last season and Bobby Wade wasn't far behind. Justin Gage was also among the most slippery fingered.

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