Kellen Bucs' Winslow gets your annual pay every 6 yards

TAMPA - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed Kellen Winslow Jr. to a six-year, $36.1 million contract extension last year, giving him one of the top salaries among tight ends in the National Football League.

This year, as the Bucs try to rebuild around a nucleus of new stars, fans will be looking for great things from the 27-year-old Winslow and wondering whether he's worth the money the team invested.

"A lot of people questioned that, and I understand that, but then he goes out and catches 77 balls, which sets a franchise record for tight ends, and so I'm glad we did that deal," Bucs general manager Mark Dominik said in March.

For some perspective on how much Winslow makes, and on the pay of all NFL athletes in their prime, click here to use the TBO calculator, "Is your salary setting records?" and compare his pay with yours.

One example: If you make $49,762 a year — the median household income for Hillsborough County, according to the Census Bureau — Winslow is racking up your annual pay every time he gains about 6 yards.

The Bucs acquired Winslow in a 2009 trade with the Cleveland Browns, giving up a pair of draft picks for him, including a second-rounder this year.

Winslow made $5.2 million last year, and this year, according to The Cleveland Plain-Dealer, he will make $6.7 million.

A few key stats give a sense of what Winslow did last season to earn that new contract:
• 77 receptions
• 884 yards
• 11 1/2 average yards per catch
• Five touchdowns

Two games with more than 100 yards receiving – Week 5, against the Philadelphia Eagles (nine catches, 102 yards) and Week 10, against the Miami Dolphins (seven catches, 102 yards)

How do those numbers stack up against other elite tight ends? While Winslow was productive last season, his stats didn't top any of the key categories for his position.

Winslow ranked No. 6 last season in receptions and total yards, according to Indianapolis' Dallas Clark pulled in 100 catches during the 2009 regular season to claim the No. 1 spot in that category but was narrowly edged out for the top spot in receiving yards by San Diego's Antonio Gates, who racked up 1,157 yards.

Eight tight ends scored more touchdowns than Winslow, led by San Francisco's Vernon Davis, who had 13 in the regular season.
Winslow's 11.5-yard-per-catch average put him 11th last season among tight ends gaining at least 500 yards.

So, is he worth the money? Winslow will provide more information to help answer that question starting Sept. 12, when the Bucs kick off the regular season against the team he left.

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