Harbaugh has faith in E.Reed's decision-making

Ravens coach John Harbaugh wasn’t present when free safety Ed Reed admitted that his lateral to cornerback Lardarius Webb after his second interception of Sunday’s 20-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns was the result of a “dumb decision.”

Harbaugh was pleased to hear that even a six-time Pro Bowler and nine-year veteran can acknowledge that he is prone to making mistakes. But Harbaugh also said he has faith in Reed when making those split-second decisions.

“It just depends on how it works out,” Harbaugh said Monday. “That’s how I feel about it. [It was] the same thing in the Carolina game [on Nov. 21]. I was a big ‘no’ until he flipped it, and [strong safety Dawan Landry] ended up scoring a touchdown. Sometimes with a player like that, you do have to trust their judgment a little bit. When Ed steps up after the fact and says it was not a good decision, then I can accept that because he’s earned that. I think he knows how important it is not to turn the ball over once you get a turnover. To me, if he would have kept up the left sideline – Hey, I’m coaching Ed Reed on how to score touchdowns off interceptions now. He’s the best ever at it, right? – if he would have stayed up the left sideline, I think he would have scored. So that was my advice. That, and stay a little further away from the heater.”

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