Ryan Braun has a great time at Disneyland

Ryan Braun, Brewers left fielder, had a busy schedule of the All – Star. This busy schedule included time Ryan Braun spent with friends and of course his family, in Los Angeles. Though the busy schedule for Ryan Braun did not include a trip to the Disneyland, the organizers for the event All – Star made sure that he did indeed pay a trip to meet the mickey and the Minnie mouse.

This happened because the parade of the All – Star event (a red carpet one), a motorcade, that was supposed to transport the players and their families to the Angel Stadium, made a trip to the coveted Disneyland, before it reached the stadium. All this was a part of the itinerary.

Ryan found the experience to be really special and cool. In order to avoid the attention, the players were escorted into the amusement park through the backside. Ryan Braun also stated that he found it really cool and amazing to be in such a group and also to be a part of the motorcade that took him to Disneyland. The entire experience was unbelievable for him. The crowd was enthusiastic enough and the team had to be taken in, always escorted. All had a great time and a beautiful day.

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