Foxhole: Fox on Jon (Beason)

On rookie Jon Beason's ability to play multiple linebacker positions: He is an instinctive guy, and I think he's had some background at both outside and inside backer during his career (at the University of Miami). As far as it relates to our system, we'll just bring him along primarily in one spot with kind of keeping an idea. A lot of players have that responsibility. We've got some DB's that have to know a couple of different positions and the same with d-linemen. By the time you get to the season and you go into it with a 46-man squad for the game, there has to be position flexibility, whether it's seven o-linemen that are typically active or six or seven d-linemen. It will be the same with linebackers.

On if Beason is being brought along more slowly because he is still learning how to play linebacker after starting his college career at safety: With any rookie, you bring him along as fast as they are capable. It doesn't matter what the coaches know. It's what that player knows. Again, it's too early to say how fast we're going to bring him along at this point, but we'll give him all he can handle.

On defensive end Mike Rucker setting a target date of returning to practice during training camp: I think that's a pretty big window. At this point, it will be week-to-week, and we'll see how he comes along. We won't rush him and we'll be smart with it. Even once he starts practicing, we'll be smart. We'll have to wait and see.

On if Rucker can be brought along more slowly because he is a veteran and knows the defense: I think the fact that he's pretty comfortable in our system defensively and we've not changed that much, you always tweak a couple of things every offseason, but the fact that he's got those years of experience in our system, sure that doesn't freak you out too bad.