Kareem Brown

Kareem Brown Update

Kareem Brown steps it up. Fourth-round draft choice Kareem Brown was bumped up to the second unit at left defensive end. In the preseason opener, that spot was occupied by veteran Kenny Smith. Like Mike Richardson, it will be interesting to watch if Brown gets a chance to play against some top competition in the second preseason game Friday night against the Titans.


Kareem Brown Update

We hear that fourth-round DL Kareem Brown won't be a Patriot for long if he doesn't take to heart the team-imposed suspension and stern lecture from veteran DE Richard Seymour that he got after violating an unspecified team rule and being forced to the sideline for the first three days of practice.


Earful is an eye-opener - Seymour lectures rookie Brown

FOXBOROUGH -- If Kareem Brown didn't grasp the seriousness of being suspended for the first three days of training camp for an unspecified violation of team rules, Richard Seymour, the doyen of the defensive line, made the rookie painfully aware.

"One thing that kind of hurt was Richard Seymour told me that he was disappointed in me and that I should know better," said Brown, who spoke to reporters yesterday for the first time since his suspension was lifted Monday. "Coming from a guy of his status that took a toll on me as a rookie."

Brown, a defensive lineman from the University of Miami, would not go into details about why he was suspended, saying, "It's just something you should know better." The fourth-round pick said he didn't think the team would hold his transgression against him long-term.

"They know me better than that, and if they thought it was going to be a problem they wouldn't have drafted me," said Brown. "It was kind of one of those slap-on-the-wrist, 'Come on dude, you got to do better.' "

Kareem Brown returns to action

After serving his suspension for reportedly breaking team rules, fourth-round draft pick Kareem Brown is on the practice field. Brown is hanging out talking with some of the other defensive linemen. Brown is much taller and lankier than guys like Vince Wilfork, Kenny Smith, Rashad Moore and LeKevin Smith. With his frame, I could certainly see Brown playing a Mike Wright role where he splits his time between tackle and end, assuming he makes the team.


Kareem Brown Out

Kareem Brown, the Patriots fourth round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, was suspended until Monday for violating team rules according to a report in the Boston Globe. While no further details of Brown's suspension were available, it could not have been a worse start for the rookie to begin his first professional training camp in the dog house.

Brown is vying for a reserve role on a line filled with first round talent. Although Brown has the same pedigree as nosetackle Vince Wilfork – both attended University of Miami – don't expect any favoritism from the coaching staff just because of Miami's football powerhouse reputation.


K. Brown in fold

The Patriots and fourth-round draft choice Kareem Brown have finalized a contract agreement today. Brown's deal is a four-year package.

"We’re happy we got it done," said his agent, Peter Schaffer of Colorado-based All Pro Sports & Entertainment. "Working with the team, we found ways to get him into camp on time, and get the contract we were looking for. It’s a win-win situation."

On a lighter note, the Patriots might have set an unofficial NFL record by signing a Brown in each of the last three weeks. First, Troy Brown. Then, Chad Brown. Now, Kareem Brown.

In addition to Brown, the Patriots announced the signing of seventh-round pick Mike Elgin.

That leaves first-round pick Brandon Meriweather as the lone unsigned draft pick at this time.


Kareem Brown Update

Schaffer is also the representative for defensive lineman Kareem Brown, a fourth-round pick. Negotiations don't appear to be very far along with Brown, who was New England's second-highest draft pick this year after the team took his University of Miami teammate, Brandon Meriweather, in the first round. Schaffer attributed that to the fact that some members of the Patriots braintrust have been on vacation for the last couple of weeks.

"The plan for every one of my clients is to be in training camp on time," Schaffer said. "But it does take two to tango. We have a long-standing relationship with the Patriots and I've never had a holdout with the Patriots and I don't anticipate one."


Patriots DL Learned Much From The "U"

FOXBORO, Mass. - Kareem Brown did not have to participate in the Patriots rookie mini camp this weekend to get his first taste of the NFL. New England's second pick in the draft from Miami had already digested plenty from the legion of "U" alumni now playing in the pros.

While holding court in his new Patriots locker room over the weekend, the fourth round pick's outsized personality was matched only by his massive physical stature.

At 6-foot-4, 290-pounds, the defensive lineman described his good fortune of having built-in access to the Miami NFL pipeline thusly, "It helps a lot. I talk to those guys all the time, and they just give me a little bit of their experience in the NFL. It motivates you. You see them every day and you want to be in their shoes."

One of those alumni is the Patriots Vince Wilfork, also a defensive lineman, and when Brown watched Wilfork make his famous fumble recovery last year and start rumbling toward the end zone, Brown gave his best Forrest Gump impression while recalling his only thought: "Run Vince Run." When asked if he would have taken that one to the house, Brown said confidently, "I would have, yeah."

Nose for news tackle - Kareem Brown

The best reporter in Foxboro is 6 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs 290 pounds. He also has an assortment of colorful tattoos across the vast canvas of his body and ranks No. 2 all-time among Miami defensive tackles with 20 sacks in his college career.

If fourth-round draft pick Kareem Brown doesn't make the Patriots, he'll probably find a job in the media.

As a pack of reporters gathered around Meriweather on Saturday, Brown perched himself on a chair and took notes as a favor to an accredited journalist. When other newsfolk realized the gigantic scribe was Meriweather's Miami teammate, they gave him the chance to ask a question.

"What kind of a car do you drive?" Brown asked.

The question produced the most interesting Meriweather material to come out in two consecutive days of interviewing.

Brown eyes label of playmaker

Kareem Brown bristles at the word: "underachiever." He can't get around it, as if an offensive lineman were grabbing a fistful of his jersey.

The label doesn't make sense to Brown, a defensive lineman who was the second player selected by the Patriots in this year's draft, taken in the fourth round (No. 127 overall).

How could he be an underachiever?

He -- not first-round pick Brandon Meriweather -- was the University of Miami's 2006 Defensive Player of the Year after recording 11 sacks, the second-highest total by a defensive tackle in school history. We're talking about a school that has produced Warren Sapp, 1991 No. 1 overall pick Russell Maryland, and New England nose tackle Vince Wilfork. Still, it sticks to Brown like a piece of gum wedged on the bottom of a shoe.

Brown out to show what he can do

FOXBORO — Many would have you believe it's next to impossible to leave the University of Miami's football program and not have at least a little controversy on the horizon. That's Patriots' first-round pick Brandon Meriweather's reality.

And that of Kareem Brown.

Just like Meriweather, who's still in the wake of the Florida International brawl/stomping incident last fall, Brown is proud of his pigskin lineage. It's not limited to the fourth-round pick's J.C. Penney portrait-sized tattoo of the former Hurricanes logo on his left bicep, either.

Listed at 6-4, 290 pounds, the defensive lineman is adamant his college program suffers from a case of mistaken identity. There's no denying the brawl happened, but the Miami-native Brown reiterated there's no better place to get a player ready for life in the National Football League.

"It's a perception. That's what it is. It's not a fact. People can think what they want to think and we're going to continue to work hard," Brown explained during the team's just-concluded rookie mini-camp. "People have no idea. We as a program, we let people think what they want to think. We're going to continue to work hard. They're going to continue to coach us hard and we're going to continue to get better."

Belichick speaks: Kareem Brown

Q: Was Kareem Brown a guy that you got a look at while evaluating [Brandon] Meriweather?
BB: We evaluated all of the players at Miami.

Q: Was he a standout on his own?

BB: Yes, sure. He’s definitely a player that we thought was going to be drafted back in the fall. We started looking at tape. It was Brown. It was [Baraka] Atkins. [Jon] Beason. [Brandon] Meriweather. The guys on the offensive side of the ball. There were a number of players. You kind of look at all of them. When I was down there, I either saw them on tape or in person.

Q: Kareem said yesterday that he’s dropped a lot weight. Is that a good thing? Is he quicker?

BB: It’s true. I think we’ll have to see him out on the field. I don’t think it’s slowed him down. He’s reshaped his body a little bit in the last few months. I think he looks good.

Q: Is that a good sign that he dropped the weight before he got here?

BB: I think it started at the end of the season. It wasn’t something that just happened in February. It was something that was a couple of months along. You always like to see players in good condition. I know that in March when I was down there, that’s not midseason, but you want to see players in good condition and training and it’s clear that he’s been working hard and that was evident in the workouts as well.

Miami coach: Pats got steal in Brown

The University of Miami doesn’t recruit players to sit on the bench. The Hurricanes want true freshmen to unseat senior All-Americans.

Miami grads take that approach to the NFL, where a slew of them have made an impact, be it Ed Reed in the first round in 2002 or Jessie Armstead in the eighth in 1993.

Patriots [team stats] fourth-round draft pick Kareem Brown appears to be stepping into a fairly hopeless spot in the short term. The defensive tackle out of Miami has to contend for playing time not only with an All-Pro caliber front three (Richard Seymour [stats], Vince Wilfork [stats], Ty Warren [stats]), but also experienced backups in Jarvis Green and Mike Wright.

Hurricane DT Brown tops second-day haul

The Patriots started the second day by tapping defensive tackle Kareem Brown, a teammate of first round pick Brandon Meriweather at the University of Miami, in the fourth round (No. 127 overall). It marked the first time in team history the Patriots used their first two picks in a draft on players from the same school.

Brown offered his take on the ugly brawl between Miami and Florida International University during the third quarter of the Hurricanes' 35-0 win Oct. 14. Meriweather stomped on players during the melee. "That was an unfortunate incident and that should never happen in any sport whatsoever," said Brown. "I was just trying to do my best to pull people back. You know Brandon is a high-profile guy and people are going to say what they want."