Edgerrin James

Don't count out Edge

While surfing through a piece on ESPN's Web site in which the authors predict which 50 active NFL players will ultimately end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, The Heat Index was stunned to find Edgerrin James ranked all the way down at No. 37.

So was James, when THI caught up with the Cardinals running back in Flagstaff on Monday.

"I saw it. I saw it," James said, nodding as he walked off the practice field. "It's a joke. But it's OK. In the end, it's all going to show up."

Family first for James

Former University of Miami star tailback Edgerrin James turned 29 last week, but he said Wednesday he hopes he can hang on in the NFL at least long enough to share the same backfield with first cousin Javarris James -- of current UM fame.

''One of my dreams is to play on the same team with Baby J,'' James, of the Arizona Cardinals, said by phone Wednesday. ``That's the one thing I've been wanting, so hopefully I can hold on. That's the first person I'll be willing to be a backup to.''

James called The Miami Herald and said he has been hearing for months that people believe he thinks freshman running back Graig Cooper should start over his cousin.

Definitely not true, he said.

Cardinals Still Have An Edge - James certain he remains an elite NFL back

FLAGSTAFF – For a man who gained 1,159 yards rushing, Edgerrin James saw most of his 2006 season as a disappointment.

And so did many others.

The Cardinals’ running back arrived in Arizona owner of a four-year, $30 million contract and as savior to a moribund running game. It didn’t quite work out that way, especially when the team struggled through the first half of the year. He left some wondering if – despite just turning 29 Wednesday – James has what it takes to remain an elite back.

Those are the questions that burn James, mostly because he feels critics are missing the point.

“For the situation I was in, for what I was working with,” James said, “I did pretty good to hold up.”

Edgerrin James Update

Coach Ken Whisenhunt isn't sure how much running back Edgerrin James will play in the preseason. James, who prefers to play as little as possible until the regular season, likely will carry the ball more than he usually does because the offense is new and the line has been revamped. But Whisenhunt emphasized that James has been getting plenty of work in practice, too


Edge looking to return to winning form

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Arizona Cardinals running back Edgerrin James was collared by linebacker Monty Beisel as he burst through the line during a non-contact drill.
"Hold up! Hold up!" coaches shouted.

Beisel let go, but James kept churning his legs and didn't stop until he was 15 yards downfield.

James didn't look like a back who had gained 3.4 yards per carry last year, his lowest average in eight NFL seasons. Nor did he look like a back who was planning to coast into retirement any time soon.

"I still feel young," said James, who turned 29 on Wednesday. "I still feel good. If you come out here and just watch me practice, you wouldn't think I've been playing nine years."

Edgerrin James looks to follow Curtis Martin's path

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Curtis Martin never blocked for Edgerrin James, but James sees big things from following in Martin's footsteps.

That path, littered with would-be tacklers, could ultimately lead both to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Martin, 34, retired July 27 as the New York Jets' all-time leading rusher and the fourth-leading rusher in league history. James visited Martin in New York weeks before James began his second training camp with the Arizona Cardinals.

They shared a night on the town and their goals beyond football.

"I made a special trip to New York just to go see Curtis," says James, who turns 29 Wednesday. "I look at Curtis as a mentor. He's one of the greatest players to play the game."

Cardinals' James set to do 'business'

Football is coming, and change is in the air. Edgerrin James has even ditched the gold teeth.

"It was time to take them out," the Cardinals running back said. "I had them for a long time, but I took off my mask. Now the real 'Business Edge' will surface."

Rejoice, Cardinals fans.

Even if his smile no longer is capable of blinding innocent bystanders, your starting running back is happier than he has been in months. Even after enduring the year from Hades, in which his game turned pedestrian and his ex-teammates won a Super Bowl.

And if you didn't notice, new salt keeps pouring into old wounds. This time, another Colts player not named James just hit the jackpot. This time, it was defensive end Dwight Freeney, who snagged a $30 million signing bonus from Indianapolis.

It must hurt to be so not missed.

"Man, I am so over that," James said. "When the Super Bowl was done, we were all hanging out again. They know I was a part of what they did. They know I helped build what they became. And all throughout the year, (Colts running back Joseph) Addai and I became really close friends. He was calling me for advice like every day, all day long."

Will Edge be sharp in 2007?

Will the real Edge please stand up?

Last year was a tale of two seasons for Arizona Cardinals running back Edgerrin James, who was inked to a lucrative deal with expectations he would be the showpiece in the team's retooled offense.

In the first half of the season, James rushed to the tune of a meager 2.8 yards per carry, punctuated by the most inefficient single-game performance in Cardinals history in the team's fateful Monday night loss to the Bears last October. In that contest James rushed 36 times for 55 yards, adding to the woes of then-head coach Dennis Green.

Clearly, the dreadlocked one missed Peyton Manning and the open lanes the high-powered Colts offense provided him. Eventually, the ascension of Matt Leinart and presence of stud receivers Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald helped some of those avenues open up again. In the second half of the campaign, the Cards' offense jelled in garbage time and James turned his season around, averaging 4.2 yards a carry while breaking the 100-yard mark in three of his last five games.

Edgerrin James Returns to Cardinals Practice

Despite some conflicting reports on his whereabouts, Cardinals running back Edgerrin James did return to organized team activities earlier this week as expected. His arrival came shortly after Coach Ken Whisenhunt got him on the horn and said that he needed him in the Valley.

"He said, 'I am going to be there at some point,' and I said, 'Edgerrin, I need you here,' " Whisenhunt said. "He said, 'I'm gonna be there Coach, I've got my calendar.' I said, 'Bring it in and we'll talk about it.' And that's all I can ask for."

It's really nice to see James answer the call. Although he would probably prefer to be in Florida working out with the Giants Plaxico Burress and Jeremy Shockey, the team comes first and rhythm with teammates is extremely important.

By all accounts, James is expected to return next Monday and spend the entire week (Thursday) with the team as they round out their OTA's. From there he'll likely go back to Florida and workout until training camp begins on July 30th.



Quarterback Matt Leinart and running back Edgerrin James both were missing from Tuesday’s voluntary workout. Whisenhunt, who spoke to both, said Leinart will return today. James, who returned home to Florida, will be back for next week’s work beginning Tuesday.


Cardinals notebook: Whisenhunt happy to see sharp Edge

Running back Edgerrin James was back Sunday, after missing Saturday’s minicamp opening practices because of a family funeral.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said James looked “sharp” and in shape, which was really little surprise.

Whisenhunt also said the two had discussed how many of the voluntary organized team activities James will attend.

“I don’t know exactly,” Whisenhunt said. “He’s probably not going to be there for all 14, but it is my understanding he will be there for a number of them.”

The Cards’ organized team activities begin Wednesday, with the 14 workouts spread over four weeks and ending June 7.


James will miss 1st day of camp

Running back Edgerrin James will miss the first day of the team's upcoming minicamp to attend the funeral of a relative in Florida, team officials said Wednesday.

The camp, which starts Saturday and runs through Monday, is mandatory unless the player is excused by coach Ken Whisenhunt.

" 'Edge' called and let me know about the death in his family," Whisenhunt said in a statement. "Obviously, it's more important for him to be there Saturday for the services and for his family."

Cardinals notebook: Edge feels good after surgery

Edgerrin James laughed when asked about his recent minor right knee surgery, no surprise after he had just completed the Cards’ first practice of the offseason without any problems.

“It was a scratch,” James said of the surgery. “I was in and out. The same night I was hanging out at the clubs. Everything is normal.”

The surgery took away some swelling that had bothered James last season, but he emphasized — with a smile — it was no big deal by pointing out that if he hadn’t been able to practice, he probably wouldn’t have shown up to the voluntary minicamp.

“I had an opportunity to get out of practice, and I should have used my pass,” James said, before adding, “Nah, I like to practice. I don’t want to stand around.”

After carrying the ball 337 times last season, James said he wants 350 carries this year. Contrary to needing more help toting the load, James said, “I am in the good years right now. That’s why I have been taking good care of myself.”

Cards not ruling out shopping for another back

INDIANAPOLIS • Adrian Peterson, Arizona Cardinal? It’s a crazy notion. Running back would seem to be far down the list of draft needs for the Cardinals, especially after handing Edgerrin James a four-year, $30  million contract last offseason.

But new coach Ken Whisenhunt has talked about the need for another back to step in and lighten James’ load after James piled up 337 carries last season. With the explosion of successful teams with two good halfbacks — think New Orleans with Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush, Chicago with Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson, Indianapolis with Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes — teaming Peterson with James isn’t far-fetched.

Subtly feeding into the idea is Cardinals vice president of football operations Rod Graves, who said his goal of free agency is “take the pressure off feeling we have to address a certain position with our No. 1 pick.”

Dear Edgerrin James...Don't Let the Colts' Win Get You Down

Dear Edgerrin James,

How are you holding up?  Sunday couldn’t have been much fun for you.  And my guess is you’re about to have a pretty rough week. 
After all, everyone you come into contact with is wondering how you feel about your former team, the Indianapolis Colts, winning the Super Bowl.  Most people probably won’t ask.  They won’t even want to bring it up.  They’ll steer clear of the subject entirely.  But some will inquire.  And when they do, I’m sure you’ll say all the right things.   You’ll tell them how happy you are for your former teammates.  How you were cheering for them all along. 

Edge parties, watches friends play

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- It's 5 a.m. a day before Super Bowl XLI and Edgerrin James is as fresh and enthusiastic as if he was about to play with his old teammates.

The former Indianapolis Colts running back is chillin' after three hours of clubbing at Spirits, a popular dancing nightspot at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Time for breakfast, but he blows it off to talk about his team's chances Sunday against the Chicago Bears at Dolphin Stadium.

"The Colts are still my team," said James, who ran for a franchise record 9,226 yards in a horseshoe helmet through 2005 before signing with Arizona last offseason. "I've been telling everybody that since midseason, it's the Colts' year."

Edgerrin James is Homeless in Arizona

It's amazing to think that a $30 million Cardinals running back doesn't have a place in Arizona to call his own but that is precisely the case for Edgerrin James. Obviously this is not to say James doesn't have a personal residence. In fact he owns an extremely nice home of his own in Miami, Florida. At any given time James could likely buy our own homes with the cash he carries in his pocket, yet he chooses to live at the Cardinals facility in Arizona during the season.

During a short Q&A session with AZCentral.com, Edge explained why he doesn't own a place in the desert.

"I live at the Cardinals facility. That's my address. I don't have nothing to do but work. That's all I want to do" James said

Edge in middle of action with Colts

MIAMI - Much of the time, the Indianapolis Colts talk of Edgerrin James like he is a fallen soldier. A man lost on the arduous journey to Super Bowl XLI.

They wouldn’t have gotten here, former teammates such as Peyton Manning and Dominic Rhodes say, without Edge’s contributions. James isn’t dead. He just isn’t a Colt, toiling instead for the Cardinals after trading any chance to stay with his Indianapolis buddies for $30 million in the desert.

And no one understands that more than Edge.

“I got what I wanted, and (the Colts) got what they wanted,” James said without a hint of regret. “It is business. It is football.”

Taking the Edge off: James not bitter at Colts' success

MIAMI -- Edgerrin James is a better man than I, at least when it comes to athletic ability, energy (the man views sleep as an occasional indulgence) and decency.

James is the star running back whom the Colts would not pay like one, and last March, after seven successful years in Indy, he signed a four-year, $30-million deal with the Arizona Cardinals. James promptly struggled behind a dubious offensive line and suffered through the worst season of his life; the Colts, meanwhile, plugged in rookie Joseph Addai and James's former backup, Dominic Rhodes, and finally won a conference championship.

Wouldn't you be at least a tad bitter? I know I would. But not James who, each of the 30 times I've asked him, smiles and swears he's rooting for Indy without a trace of ambivalence.

James happy to see Colts in Miami, forecasts Bears loss

MIAMI — Edgerrin James' cellphone has been blowing up. Some good friends have a bit of Super Bowl XLI business, but before buckling down, there's sightseeing to do.

James, who attended the University of Miami, lives here during the offseason and knows all the hot spots. No wonder he was eagerly awaiting the Monday night arrival of the Indianapolis Colts, who finally advanced to the Big Game — without him.

"This is like the only night we'll have to hang out," James said Monday afternoon before heading to the Colts hotel. "It's like I told them, I don't have a curfew, but they do. I'm going to make sure that my boys won't get in trouble."

After six seasons in Indianapolis, James signed a free agent deal with the Arizona Cardinals last spring. He doesn't sound bummed the Colts reached this point in their first season since his departure.

Edgerrin James Update

Edgerrin James, Cardinals running back: Had he just returned for an eighth season with the Colts, he'd likely be packing for Super Bowl XLI. Instead, he had a different strategy: Take the Cardinals' money and run. He ran for a respectable 1,159 yards in 2006 and could run for even more with the addition of coach Ken Whisenhunt, who's now at the controls of a potentially dynamic offense. One problem: They're still the Cardinals. Potential Super Bowl: Post-2009, when his Cardinals contract expires.


James ‘super excited’ for ex-teammates

Edgerrin James is in Miami. Soon the Indianapolis Colts will be, too. And that’s fine with the Cardinals running back, who left the Colts to sign with Arizona as a free agent almost a year ago — and a year before his original NFL team finally made it to the Super Bowl.

Echoing similar thoughts he repeated all season, James said rather than feeling he is missing out he instead is “super excited” his former team has reached Super Bowl XLI.

“I’ve always said I wanted to see the Colts in the Super Bowl,” James said in a phone interview from Florida. “All the pieces were there.”